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Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy: Improved project quality

By switching to Approve as the common data environment, Siemens Energy is achieving significantly higher project quality. All required data (such as the power station identification system) is linked to the documents and to the 3D models, and can be viewed at any time – even offline.

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Siemens Mobility: Transparent communication

Siemens Mobility leverages Approve to keep track of communication across multi-year, large-scale projects. A single standardized software solution has now replaced multiple data sources in disparate locations, providing everyone involved with access to the most up-to-date information at all times.

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Siemens Mobility
GF Casting Solutions

GF Casting Solutions: Accelerated cooperation

GF Casting Solutions relies on Approve to provide structured collaboration with its suppliers when it comes to lifecycle management for die-casting tools. To achieve this, the system digitally captures data on the tools, consolidates this data from different locations, and makes it available to everyone involved in the process based on their specific requirements.

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Siemens Gas and Power: Accelerated approval processes

Approve gives Siemens a tailor-made software solution to manage customer documentation efficiently, including automated review and approval processes. This substantially boosts the productivity levels in project execution for new power plant solutions.

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Siemens Gas and Power
Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH

Schwarzmüller: Integration with international suppliers

By using Approve, Schwarzmüller is digitalizing its order processing and its communication with over 150 suppliers. Simple integration of new suppliers requires no prior training and facilitates an efficient and transparent flow of information for all projects.

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Siemens Energy: Predictive quality

Siemens Energy uses Approve as its CAQ software including the supplier portal, in a network covering 14 locations in eight countries. Siemens suppliers and customers are integrated into all quality-relevant processes (such as 8D reporting), which speeds up cross-company collaboration dramatically.

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Siemens Energy Transformers
Primetals Mitarbeiter:innen arbeiten mit der Approve-Software

Primetals Technologies: Easy data exchange

Primetals Technologies relies on Approve for traceable communication with customers and manufacturers. In large projects lasting up to three years, up to 50,000 documents belonging to the plant documentation (as-built documentation) need to be exchanged securely.

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