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Beastly good benefits.

Summertime barbecue Thursdays, social events, and breakfasts together may be “soft facts” for some – but for us, they’re a vital part of what makes for a motivating work environment.

Good start.

Daily, communal breakfast – that motivates us already in the morning.

Free refreshments.

Drinks, fruit and a muesli bar – making work even more pleasant.

FABIs Kindernest.

Company child and summer care – only the best even for our little ones.

Sweet home.

We are always productive, even in our home office – with a monthly quota.

Summer Feeling.

Barbecue Thursdays in summer – we enjoy our lunch above the rooftops.

After Work.

Regular employee events – it's always a lot of fun in our private lives, too.

Free eShuttle.

Free eShuttle from the Central Station to the HQ and back – that's (real) comfort.

Best technology.

Bright, beautiful offices and state-of-the-art equipment – a matter of course with us.

Real opportunities.

Ongoing training and development – also in our own Academy.

Joint sports.

Running marathons, "Linz companies ride bikes" – we push each other.

Sustainable commuting.

Support of the Climate Ticket, the bonus for the environment and the family – we arrive sustainably.

Family matters.

The "berufundfamilie" quality certificate proves – we are family-friendly.

Willi der Waschbär

Real opportunities.

Our software solutions spread across Europe and often beyond. They cross borders: the borders of countries, organizations or human resources. It is that borderless nature that defines our way of thinking: We encourage you to question the status quo and think beyond the obvious.

The ideal habitat for experts who really want to make an impact!