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Fabasoft PROCECO

The ecosystem for high-performance business processes.

Fabasoft Approve - Technische Dokumentation

Technical Data Management

Document major projects efficient and traceable with Fabasoft Approve.
Fabasoft Boards on Proceco - Sitzungsmanagement

Meeting Management

Organize and manage your meetings securely and traceably with Fabasoft Boards.
Fabasoft Contracts - Vertragsmanagement

Contract Management

Manage your contracts smart and easy with Fabasoft Contracts.
Fabasoft Talents on eGov - Personalaktenverwaltung

Personnel File

Accelerate your HR processes. Securely.
Xpublisher - Multichannel Publishing


Publish your content with Xpublisher in a borderless, media-neutral way.
Fabasoft KnowledgeFox- Microlearning


Increase learning success with KnowledgeFox. Integrate the innovative learning app for effective MicroLearning into your existing learning environment.

Fabasoft eGov

The ecosystem for efficient file management.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite - Aktenverwaltung

Public Administration

Manage records digital with the Fabasoft eGov-Suite.
Fabasoft Contracts on eGov - Vertragsverwaltung

Contract Management

Manage contracts in a legally secure way with Fabasoft Contracts.
Fabasoft Done! on eGov - Automatisierungen


Automate administrative processes intelligent with Fabasoft Done!
Fabasoft Talents on eGov - Personalaktenverwaltung

Personnel File

Manage personnel files efficiently with Fabasoft Talents.
Symbolbild Automatisierung in der Geschäftsverwaltung


The future of digital business management

Mindbreeze BDI

The ecosystem for successful business decisions

Mindbreeze InSpire - Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Mindbreeze InSpire offers a customized 360-degree view of corporate knowledge.
Mindbreeze BidForce - Angebotsmanagement

Bid Management

Mindbreeze InTend provides a customized solution for the requirements of bid management.
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