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We take responsibility for our environment.

Ecological footprint

We are transitioning our entire vehicle fleet to e-vehicles by 2027, and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the course of our business activities by supporting certified climate projects.

Sustainable sourcing

We work predominantly with European companies in accordance with an established code of conduct, and focus on organic quality and regionality to ensure short transport routes when procuring hardware, electricity, water, and food.

Energy and Green IT

We place a high priority on state-of-the-art technology and energy-efficient office premises, andprefer to source electricity for our locations and external data centers from renewable energy sources.


Nachhaltigkeit - Füsse im Wald

We take responsibility for our fellow human beings.

Social commitment

In addition to our commitment at the EU level and our support of regional projects, we also believe it is our task to inspire a passion for computer science and to promote young talent by means of a variety of educational initiatives.

Education and training

We adhere to the dual system model, a strong integration of theory and practice, with training and education provided through the Fabasoft Academy, Fabasoft Talent Management, apprenticeships, and our e-learning platform.

Equal opportunity

We offer equal opportunities, regardless of factors such as age, gender, nationality, or religion, and support our workforce as a certified family-friendly employer with in-company childcare, summer daycare, and flexible work schedules.

Nachhaltigkeit und Compliance Social

We manage our business responsibly.

Data privacy and information security

We are at the forefront of data protection and information security, continuously strengtheningthe cyber resiliency of our products and services and providing proof of this with internationally recognized certifications.

Compliance and anti-corruption

We maintain our sustainably high level of compliance through extensive control mechanisms in our internal processes and the certified Fabasoft control system, which are also evidenced by accredited certifications. Further information on compliance-relevant topics and the relevant contact points can be found in the Fabasoft guidelines listed below.

Usability und accessibility

When designing our products and websites, we focus on ease of use and universal accessibility, and take usability and accessibility issues into account when designing new functionalities.

Nachhaltigkeit und Compliance