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  • BME

    Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME)

    Fabasoft is a member of the BME, the trade association for procurement managers, supply chain managers, and logisticians from all industries and sectors in Germany and continental Europe.

  • tekom

    Association for Technical Communication

    tekom Deutschland e.V. is committed to raising the profile of technical communication and advancing the technical writing profession.

  • OCG

    Austrian Computer Society

    As a member, Fabasoft supports the activities of OCG, a non-profit association for the promotion of computer science and ICT (information and communication technologies).

  • bitkom


    Bitkom, Germany’s digital association, is committed to promoting innovative economic policy, modernization of the education system, and forward-looking network policy.

  • ITC

    Business Upper Austria - IT Cluster

    The Upper Austrian IT Cluster is a cooperation network for the IT sector with a focus on the software industry. Helmut Fallmann is a member of the ITC Advisory Board. Fabasoft and Mindbreeze are ITC partner companies.

  • ADV

    Data Processing Work Group (ADV)

    Through its involvement in ADV and as a member of the board of trustees, Fabasoft is contributing to public awareness around information and communication technologies.

  • EU Cloud CoC

    EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC)

    As a founding member of the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly, Fabasoft supports a GDPR-based code of conduct for European data protection standards.

  • EU-SEC

    European Security Certification Framework (EU-SEC)

    Fabasoft has actively participated in the Horizon 2020 EU-SEC research project, which has spawned significant innovations in cloud service certification.

  • ETSI

    European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

    As an ETSI member, Fabasoft is involved in developing harmonized European standards for electronic communications networks and services (telecommunications, broadcasting, etc.).

  • GAIA-X


    As part of the “GAIA-X” project, Fabasoft is collaborating on a data platform and software infrastructure for greater digital sovereignty and competitiveness in Europe.

  • Logo Initiative D21

    Initiative D21

    Fabasoft has been a member of the "Initiative D21 e. V.", the largest non-profit network for the digital society in Germany, since April 2023.



    As a member of the consortium of the EU research project “MEDINA,” Fabasoft strives to advance the trustworthiness and transparency of cloud computing.

  • Industriellenvereinigung

    The Federation of Austrian Industrialists – Upper Austria

    Helmut Fallmann is a member of the board of the Federation of Austrian Industries of Upper Austria, the volunteer advocacy group for Austrian industry.

  • VDMA

    VDMA Software and Digitisation

    The Fachverband Software und Digitalisierung of the VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) connects software manufacturers with mechanical engineering companies.

  • talenteOÖ

    Verein Talente OÖ (Upper Austrian Association for the Promotion of Talent)

    Fabasoft supports the association Talente OÖ, which, together with the Upper Austrian Regional School Board and sponsors, promotes highly gifted children and young people.