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Collaborate more efficiently with your stakeholders

Many companies are still working with cross-company processes that are not fully digitalized. The result: messy, confusing e-mail threads and error-prone Excel lists. Fabasoft Approve automates your review and approval processes and incorporates the relevant stakeholders (co-workers, suppliers, and customers) during key work steps. Everyone involved can access the most up-to-the-minute information at any time. This facilitates collaboration, slashes the manual workload, and creates greater transparency during project execution.

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Simple access management

Add in-house staff, individuals from outside your company, or even entire organizations to your projects with a single click. And when you do, everyone involved has access to the information they need and can retrieve the most current version whenever they need it. User administration and access rights are handled either centrally or decentrally at the particular plant or within the given project.

Personal to-do list

In the worklist, you’ll gain a quick overview of all the tasks you need to complete – like checking a dimensional drawing – as well as each task’s associated deadline. By clicking on the to-do item, you can review and comment on the document linked to it straight away. This allows you and everyone involved in the project to work through the process steps with a straightforward and structured approach.

Integrated deadline and escalation management

Stay on track with push notifications and e-mail alerts that remind you to complete your tasks and meet the related deadlines. If, despite all this, a deadline has been exceeded, the escalation management initiates the necessary steps for you and the project team.

Rapid redlining

Expedite your approval process dramatically using the annotation feature. Add comments and amendment requests right in the document preview (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, 3D model, and more) and highlight special passages without having to open the corresponding application.

Digital signature

Sign documents like acceptance reports digitally in just a few clicks with Fabasoft Secomo, the advanced electronic signature solution by Fabasoft. With this feature, you can design your business processes without leaving the system you’re working in.

Mobile access from anywhere in the world

Access all technical information securely any time from anywhere – online and offline – with web browsers and mobile apps for iOS and Android. This makes a decisive difference for activities like viewing plans at the construction site or working through checklists and recording defects.

Save time and resources in administrative tasks

Every order can involve tens of thousands of documents in the form of specifications, dimensional drawings, plans, documentation, certifications, and so on – each with multiple versions. With the integrated semantic full-text search, you’ll find the most up-to-date information – even amidst enormous amounts of data. The search incorporates file names, content, metadata, and annotations. Using the search facets, you can further limit and target your search.

Preview documents instantly

Take advantage of the PDF preview available directly in the user interface in the web browser and in the mobile app to view different file formats (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and so on) more quickly. And you won’t need to open the file to do it.

Templates and text modules

Speed up the preparation of your technical documentation with the help of templates, intelligent text modules, and the integrated Xeditor, an online XML editor. This enables you to create structured documents based on industry standards like DITA and JATS. Technical data and other metadata are linked within the documents and updated automatically.

Automated reports and analyses

Create analyses, dashboards, and reports in real time based on the technical data, and use them to derive informed action plans. Fabasoft Approve supports you by consolidating product-relevant data from a broad range of applications and connecting this data to establish meaningful correlations.

Enjoy the benefits of a customized solution

Thanks to our highly customizable low-code/no-code platform, our customers can implement their own requirements. Concretely, this means you don’t have to do any programming. With simple configuration steps in visual editors, you can create checklists, inspection plans, acceptance protocols, and similar documents in no time at all.

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Use case-specific metadata

Add standardized technical data for each document category easily to any document – instructions, plans, 3D models and more – with the drag-and-drop function in Fabasoft Approve’s form editor. This supports a VDI 2770-compliant description of content, for instance, and allows you to manage relevant information for automated document control.

Rule-based work

Automatic file naming based on company specifications and automatic metadata recognition from e-mails and documents using rule-based information processing are just some of the features you’ll appreciate. Depending on the use case, you can then define further actions such as starting a process.

Modelable processes

Model digital workflows in the graphical editor in the “Business Process Model and Notation” (BPMN 2.0). With no need for programming, you can integrate in-house employees as well as your business partners in optimized, structured, and traceable workflows – such as review, release, and approval processes.


Automatic classification and structuring

Keep a watchful eye on data and documents from suppliers and customers. Fabasoft Approve saves them immediately in their designated area. Using a search-driven approach, artificial intelligence links documents to their associated technical data. Automatic classification and structuring of millions of items of this kind of information ensures consistently transparent file storage.

Full integration into your workplace

Continue working in your familiar environment thanks to the wide range of integrations that are already included for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, 3D programs, CAD systems, ERP systems, and more.

Uncomplicated networking within the company

Quickly and easily realize data exchange to internal applications like SAP and other ERP systems, CRM solutions, reporting tools, a data warehouse, and more using numerous standard interfaces. For highly optimized and efficient information exchange, Fabasoft Approve supports the modeling of specialized web services based on standard protocols like SOAP and REST.

Stay in control of access and changes

Fabasoft Approve makes managing huge amounts of data a piece of cake. The detailed view includes extensive features much like those found in common spreadsheet programs: sort, group, filter, freeze, calculate, and more. The great advantage this offers is that every change to any single piece of data is immediately documented and can always be tracked and traced.

Automatic versioning

Track every change you make with ease. A new version is created automatically with every edit. You can also use the “Auditing” function to see who has read a document and when.

The Fabasoft “Time Travel” feature

View documents, metadata, and even entire projects on a timeline with the Fabasoft “Time Travel” feature. Compare different versions and restore older versions as needed.

Role-based user rights

Manage the access rights. A carefully conceived role and rights management concept ensures that only authorized persons have access to information and documents. That way, there are clear rules about who is allowed to see, edit, review, or approve any given content.

Protect your data the best way possible

As a software provider, we satisfy the most exacting requirements with regard to data security and data privacy. That’s why we undergo audits, obtain certifications, and win awards for information security in accordance with internationally recognized test procedures.

Secure authentication

Log into the cloud securely. Fabasoft Approve supports single sign-on by means of digital certificates, Microsoft Active Directory (AD FS), and SAML 2.0. This means you can avoid the extra hassle of having to enter your log-in and password.

Numerous certifications and audits

Enjoy peace of mind. Regularly scheduled certifications and audits conducted by independent institutions verify the highest European standards of quality, security, and service. Find out more here.

Data storage in Europe

Put your trust in quality “made in Europe.” Fabasoft Approve based on the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud: A scalable, highly customizable platform – designed and operated in Europe.

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