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What to expect

The task

Plant engineers have to manage an enormous amount of paperwork involving plans, technical documentation, and checklists as part of project coordination at major construction sites. An interactive and digital plant documentation system was required in order to coordinate construction projects, such as large-scale power plants, at the site. The objective was to replace the paperwork – literally tons of paper – with digital documents, and to make them available at the construction site using a mobile app.


The results

  • Because the site coordinators can use their tablets to work on site (editing checklists, viewing plans and drawing modifications directly into the plans as needed, adding comments, and changing the status of individual documents or tasks), their workload is now significantly reduced.
  • “Completeness Check” elevates project quality
  • Employees enjoy a significant reduction in the amount of manual coordination required


About Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy’s business activities are focused on the area of electrification. This includes systems and services for power generation, power transmission, and power distribution.

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