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May we introduce: Xaver, Erwin, Gerda, Lorenz, Stefan and Willi


Created on 18. November 2022

Unsere Tiere Erwin, Xaver, Lorenz, Gerda, Stefan und Willi

We are different and complement each other perfectly – and THEY do too. We are talking about our six animal colleagues from the employer branding, who have been strengthening our Fabasoft team since 2018. You have probably already seen the chameleon Xaver, the owl Erwin, the cheetah Gerda, the lion Lorenz, the bull Stefan or the raccoon Willi with their messages: On a poster or infoscreen, in the cinema, in a newspaper, a magazine, on our career website or in a specific job advertisement. "Yeah right," you think, "But what do animals have to do with a digitization company like Fabasoft?" On closer examination, a lot ...

Our animal colleagues at Fabasoft: the backgrounds

Let's start with the success factors for Fabasoft's ongoing development and sustainable growth: there are our open-minded, creative experts who, with their various strengths, live our established company's values "Innovation", "Ambition", "Excellence" and "Responsibility". This gives rise to opportunities and possibilities that we exploit together. Mutual appreciation, numerous benefits and lots of fun round off our motivating working environment. As part of the 2018 employer branding campaign, we considered how we succeed in communicating these aspects – while remaining authentic. The slogan "We really care for experts." quickly emerged. But how do we illustrate it? With models? Nice, but unrealistic. Better with employees? Great, but which of our team members do we choose as "brand ambassadors"? Further brainstorming led to the brilliant idea: We use animals as role models. They are characterized by special qualities and skills that our employees in the various areas at Fabasoft also have or need. After that, it quickly became clear which animals best represent our habitat and our colorful, inspiring work environment.

Right from the start: We pay attention to consistency, openness and equal treatment. Although only one of our animals is female, gender, religion and other factors do not play a role – neither in filling positions nor in salaries. Well then ...


... curtain up for (in alphabetical order) ...

Chameleon Xaver – "We really care for... Fabasoft"


Name: Xaver

Area: Our habitat

Position in the Fabasoft Group: UX Developer

Special qualities: Ability to adapt and change, flexibility, openness, versatility, vision, advancement


Owl Erwin – "We really care for ... customers"


Name: Erwin

Area: Consulting & Support

Position in the Fabasoft Group: All-round service specialist

Special qualities: Attentiveness, all-around view (always looking at the big picture), recognizing customer needs, wisdom.


Cheetah Gerda – "We really care for ... efficiency"


Name: Gerda

Area: Finance

Position in Fabasoft Group: Performance Optimizer

Special qualities: strength, (process) optimization ability, astuteness, speed, farsightedness


Lion Lorenz - "We really care for ... leadership"


Name: Lorenz

Area: Management

Position in the Fabasoft Group: Business Unit Leader

Special qualities: Decision-making, motivational and organizational skills, commitment to the team, creating the right conditions, strength


Bull Stefan – "We really care for ... security"


Name: Stefan

Area: Data protection and IT security

Position in the Fabasoft Group: data protector

Special qualities: Protective instinct, assertiveness, accuracy, fortitude, reliability, strength of will


Raccoon Willi – "We really care for ... software development"


Name: Willi

Area: Software development

Position in the Fabasoft Group: Clean Code Specialist

Special qualities: Skill, sociability, ability and willingness to learn, solution orientation, retentiveness, curiosity, ability/orientation to work in a team


"Beastly funny", "beastly good benefits" and "real opportunities"

Now that you've met our animal experts, you'll understand that it's "beastly funny" at our company and that we benefit from a motivating habitat with "beastly good benefits" and "real opportunities". What makes our work environment so colorful and inspiring, our – human – colleagues Katharina and Alex tell in the interview. And in another blog post, we tell you how Willi & Co. accompany us in everyday life.

Sounds great. So great that you want to become part of the Fabasoft team, develop yourself and grow with us? Then take a look at our open positions – we are looking forward to your (initiative) application and to YOU supporting us with your strengths soon.