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“Just how colorful and diverse is your work environment, Katharina and Alex?”


Created on 08. September 2022

Alex und Katharina in Gesprächssituation mit Kaffee und Kuchen

Are you wondering what makes the workplace environment at Fabasoft so “colorful, diverse and inspiring” – just like the company’s employer branding says? Software developer Katharina and sales manager Alexander share their insights into the soft facts at Fabasoft. Quick spoiler alert: It’s about a whole lot more than flexible working hours and a space for creative collaboration in state-of-the-art office facilities ...


How long have you been with Fabasoft, and why did you choose to work for this employer?

Katharina: What I found particularly appealing were the options and prospects for working in an “ideal habitat” – something that’s promoted in the employer branding. And sure enough, in March 2021, I had the chance to come in from another industry and start working in software development at Fabasoft, where I continued to develop my skills. The company’s established products, the many renowned customers, the inspiring environment, and the experienced and helpful colleagues continue to inspire me.

Alex: I joined Fabasoft in March 2022 as a sales manager. The opportunity to work for a European market leader and make a difference was the deciding factor that led me to apply. The fact that the company’s values are in line with my views and ideas further reinforced my decision.


That sounds fascinating. How colorful and diverse is your work environment, and what does that mean to you?

Alex: We have a secure position with engaging tasks and plenty of opportunities for further training. Our open-minded team is made up of a broad spectrum of people and personalities who complement each other well and together form a great community. For us, supporting and valuing each other is second nature. The “total package” makes working at Fabasoft both varied and challenging in the most positive sense. And – very importantly – there’s always room for a few laughs. Whether it’s during one-on-one conversations with co-workers or at one of our social events.

Katharina: I couldn’t agree more. Access to the latest technologies combined with a flat hierarchy keeps things simple and straightforward. Which in turn motivates us to jump in and try things out instead of being bogged down in processes that are inflexible. Fabasoft encourages us to be creative, among other things, by hosting a daily shared breakfast and providing refreshments for in-between using regional, organic products. Even though I don’t have any children yet, I think “FABI’s Kindernest,” our company childcare facility, is really fantastic and goes a long way toward helping us balance career and family. On top of that, the allocated monthly work-from-home allowance and the flextime model with comp time help to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Right now, that’s taking on a new meaning for me, since I have a renovation project coming up at home that will require me to be flexible fairly often.


Let’s continue with the topic of flexible working: Where do you prefer to work? In the office or from home?

Katharina: Since I commute about two hours every day, I prefer to work from home – and of course my two cats are particularly glad to have me around. With a company-provided notebook and our digital infrastructure, everything works just as smoothly from home as it does at the office. But I have to admit that if I worked exclusively from home, I would miss the face-to-face contact, our games of pool and the other social activities that have finally resumed again after the interruption caused by the pandemic.

Alex: For me, separating my work and my private life makes all the difference. The flexibility that comes with flextime and compensatory time is a big plus for me. From a professional point of view, I value the personal interaction with my co-workers, which fosters creativity, and I also like the amenities and the feel-good atmosphere we have in the office. After all, besides enjoying the very latest technology and ergonomic workplaces, we also focus on sustainability in terms of the building itself. I also really value the activities with the other team members, they’re an integral part of it all for me.


And speaking of social activities: Were there any special highlights this year?

Alex: Definitely the Fabasoft Success event in June of 2022. Since we are constantly growing, that event offered the perfect setting for us to get to know new colleagues and their responsibilities together with all of Fabasoft’s products and services. During these two days, there was plenty of time to enjoy networking and celebrating together.

Katharina: Yes, the Fabasoft Success event has definitely been the highlight so far thanks to its blend of information and celebration. I also enjoy barbecue Thursdays during the summer months on our beautiful rooftop terrace. Lunch always tastes even better in pleasant company. And let’s not forget that Fabasoft sponsors our participation in sporting events like running competitions, and encourages us to commute to work in a sustainable way, such as by bike or public transport.


How does Fabasoft support the way team members commute to work?

Katharina: When I used to drive to work every day, I really appreciated the free underground parking that included e-charging stations. Since the ClimateTicket was introduced, which Fabasoft covers almost entirely, I’ve been taking the bus. It takes me a little longer on the whole now, but I get more exercise. When other people complain about the sharp rise in fuel prices and the traffic jams, I can keep calm and use the Climate Ticket – for work and in my free time. The subsidy for the Climate Ticket is absolutely fantastic.

Alex: That’s right, the staff has really embraced the Climate Ticket along with the shuttle service from the train station to Fabasoft and back. Our office is centrally located and easily accessible, whether you’re traveling by car, public transport, on foot, or by bicycle. Fabasoft supports the “Linzer Betriebe fahren Rad” (Companies in Linz go by bike) campaign by providing its own bike storage room and prizes for mileage achieved by the participants.


Would you apply for a job at Fabasoft again if you had the chance today?

Alex: Yes, definitely. Not only can I voice my ideas, I can also continue to grow, and I feel extremely comfortable in the team.

Katharina: I feel exactly the same. I like things to be colorful, diverse, varied – and most of all, flexible. The flextime arrangement and WFH days mean that I can strike a good balance between my work and my private life.