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"Dual study" at Fabasoft: theory meets practice


Created on 20. June 2023

Foto Benno

Study, gain practical experience – and benefit from great career opportunities at the same time? It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but Benno has actually made it. As a graduate in "Practical Computer Science" at the Gera-Eisenach Dual University of Applied Sciences (DHGE) in the German state of Thuringia, he can not only celebrate his successful "Bachelor's" degree, but also his permanent position with his practical partner Fabasoft. Here he tells you details about his dual study program and why he recommends it.


Benno, congratulations on the successful completion of your dual study program in autumn 2022. Why did you decide on this type of education?

Benno: Thank you. In my first job as a computer scientist, I quickly realized that I wanted to go even deeper into the IT field. After thoroughly researching the training options, I finally decided to study "Practical Computer Science" at the Gera-Eisenach Dual University of Applied Sciences. Why? That's easy to explain: On the one hand, I expected better career prospects through the combination of theory and practice in the dual study program. On the other hand, the concrete guidelines for the course of the three years or six semesters were important to me. Financial independence through the salary paid by the practice partner also played an important role for me.


Speaking of practice partners: How and why did you join Fabasoft?

Benno: I got to know Fabasoft through a family member who works for the German Federal Administration and is involved in the electronic records management (E-Akte Bund) there. I was very enthusiastic about the product portfolio and the advanced technologies of the leading IT company. The fact that Fabasoft was looking for two dual students in the field of computer science at exactly the time I decided to do this education was a perfect fit. The salary was also attractive, I had a lot of luck compared to other students. In addition to the generous pay, I also liked the prospect of a permanent position after successfully completing my studies. I applied immediately – and was very happy to be accepted.


That sounds exciting. How does the dual study program work at the university and at Fabasoft?

Benno: The dual study program is divided into theoretical and practical phases, which alternate at DHGE approximately every three months. The education starts practically, on site at the company: After a warm welcome into the team and participation in the initial "About Fabasoft" training for newcomers, the induction period begins. This is followed by the first theoretical phase at the university with lectures, exams and tests. Then Fabasoft again. During the practical stage, projects have to be completed which become more and more demanding as the semesters progress and serve as preparation for the bachelor's thesis. The tasks are usually set by the practice partner, as one assessment criterion is the relevance of the topic. The colleagues are always supportive and appreciative in all matters.


What did you learn during your dual study program? And what do you put into practice?

Benno: The "Practical Computer Science" degree program has a strong technological orientation. In addition to business administration, the focus is on electrical engineering, computer networks, digital technology, programming and databases. As a prospective IT infrastructure consultant, I was able to specialize in the electronic records management (E-Akte Bund) project, gaining a lot of know-how on the operation as well as the administration of Linux servers. Since then, among other things, I have been working on tools and technologies that make it possible in our cloud environment to install an operating system such as Linux (for the Fabasoft eGov suite) in an automated way using containers as well as to adapt it to the needs of the customers. This field is really fascinating and diverse.


Would you do a dual study program again? And if so, why can you recommend this education?

Benno: Definitely yes. As already mentioned, I see the strong practical relevance as a huge advantage, which is difficult to achieve within the framework of a "classical" university education. The structured course of studies, which some may see as a disadvantage, also suited me very well due to my great interest in the chosen field. In addition, the regular income throughout my studies provides financial independence from parents or government funding. And last, but not least: The decisive factor for me was the certainty that my commitment and dedication would pay off and that I would have a permanent position at Fabasoft after graduation.