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A "beastly good" day at Fabasoft: A day in the life of … Flora


Created on 12. August 2021

Fabasoft Recruiting

Recruiting at Fabasoft

“Hello again!” If you’ve ever browsed our Fabasoft Career Blog, visited the Fabasoft booth at a career fair, or applied for a job at Fabasoft, you’ve probably already met me.


As Head of Recruiting at Fabasoft, I’m responsible for the whole hiring process – from posting the job vacancies to handling the initial communication, managing the candidates, and drawing up the employment contracts. And that goes for the entire Fabasoft Group, including our locations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the US. My area of responsibility is super broad and multifaceted – and even after five years, it’s never once gotten monotonous. But read for yourself – you’ll see.


“WHAT, this late again?!”

I’m one of those people who needs loads of sleep and I manage best when I get plenty of it. That’s the reason behind the rather complicated relationship I have with my alarm clock. It has the horribly annoying habit of wrenching me out of my dreams at 5:30, 5:35, 5:40, and finally again at 5:45 am.


But once I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it really is as late as it is, I move straight into “warp speed” mode. My morning routine is definitely one of the fastest ones out there. At least that’s how Steffi from the Procurement Department sees it. By 6:00 am or shortly thereafter ;-) I hop in my car and set off on my “journey” to the office. Given that my commute is 43 km and takes about 45 minutes (assuming things go well), I end up seeing some pretty interesting things – you’d be amazed. Depending on traffic, I arrive at the office somewhere between 6:45 and 7:00 am (a huge “thank you” to Fabasoft for the virtually free underground parking spaces right in downtown Linz), and take advantage of the peace and quiet that usually still prevails in the office at that time so that I can get a productive start to my workday.


My morning

One thing I should put out there right away: I’m a real bundle of energy (just ask my supervisor Peter – he’ll vouch for me there ;-) ). And even though that particular character trait has resulted in a few broken glasses, cups, and even keyboards since I first joined Fabasoft, my go-getter attitude has served me well professionally. The fact that I enjoy my job so incredibly much and get on really well with all of my fellow co-workers at Fabasoft makes me feel even more motivated.


So, once the IT security checks are complete, it’s off to the races. Fabasoft takes that topic very seriously – and it really is that important. I start by checking my calendar to see what’s lined up for the day. Then it’s time to handle the e-mails in my inbox, followed by those in my job inbox.


Somewhere in there I take a short breakfast break to enjoy the tasty treats and our coffee specialties together with the team.


Our candidate management operates in the Fabasoft Cloud as part of the “Fabasoft Personnel File” solution. I can find all the activities I need to work on right on my worklist. These include things like reviewing incoming applications, making appointments, sending letters of acceptance and, unfortunately, also rejection letters.


Lunch break

I usually spend my lunch break with my colleague Steffi from Procurement or other co-workers, either in our Fabateria on the fifth floor, where we can heat up food we brought from home, or in one of the many nearby restaurants.


My afternoon

After that, I set off for the afternoon tasks feeling refreshed and ready to go. I handle the open inquiries that come in by e-mail or prepare for any scheduled interviews.


I also like to use the time after lunch to focus on my special projects. This includes, by way of example, digitalizing our processes in the HR division. That task has been a great chance for me to learn a lot about how we develop software and also about the features and functionality of our product. A big “thank you” to Hasan and his Cloud Solutions team for their support and patience during what sometimes were probably some pretty tedious explanations of all the technical details.


And closing time

My workday usually ends between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. I spend my free time taking care of my house and my garden, going hunting, and going to hunting horn rehearsal, which is held once a week. And in the evening I look forward to the next day when I’ll be hitting the ground running again at full speed.