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time savings in the editing process


faster digital production


layout automation

Create media-neutral content for various channels

Create and edit your content, such as texts, images and other digital assets, intuitively and without technical knowledge. Xpublisher organizes your content in a media-neutral way, regardless of its subsequent use.

This allows you to focus on the creation of high-quality content for successful multi-channel publishing.

Illustration of a xml editor in a publishing software
Illustration of digital asset management in Xpublisher
IIlustration of metadata management for digital assets in Xpublisher.

Organize all your digital assets in one place

Organize your media assets with a single source of truth and find them in seconds with the intelligent full-text search. Use customizable metadata to classify and structure your documents and graphics. Speed up your daily work with this unique knowledge base.

Make teamwork more efficient

Digitize all workflows and create space for creative activities and collaboration within your team. Comprehensible processes ensure transparency and clear responsibilities throughout the entire content lifecycle. 

Use the graphical BPMN editor to model your processes according to your needs.

Illustration of a BPMN workflow in Xpublisher.
Illustration of content in different channels and devices, such as laptop, tablet and cell phone.

Benefit from publishing to all channels

Publish your media-neutral content efficiently across all channels and achieve the greatest reach for your content. With the modern REST interface, you can connect Xpublisher to any third-party applications in your system landscape. This opens up access to your content for your target groups and achieves maximum attention.

One publishing system for different use cases

Corporate Communication
Manage your entire day-to-day business centrally in Xpublisher and communicate automatically and consistent.
Multichannel Publishing
Create, manage and publish documents intuitively and without technical knowledge. Xpublisher organizes all content in a media-neutral way, regardless of its subsequent use.
Digital Asset Management
With the Xpublisher DAM, you can manage all your digital assets in one place and always retain full control over your data at all times.
Scholarly Publishing
With Xpublisher, it’s easy to create and edit your scholarly content in JATS format and deliver it to your target audience across all relevant channels.
Technical documentation
With Xeditor and Xpublisher, you create, manage and publish your technical documentation in all common XML schemas for print and digital – quickly, intuitively and cost-effectly.
Use Xeditor to create media-neutral, intuitive and web-based XML documents in your preferred interface.