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Selected Business PROCess Solutions combined 
in a unique ECOsystem.

Digitalisierte Zusammenarbeit - Contracts

Make better decisions, faster.

The shared process and data world of PROCECO Solutions creates a fast, seamless exchange of information and thus enables reliable and profound business decisions.

Extend your application scope. Secure and easy.

Users benefit from a consistent user interface and a common functional scope across all PROCECO Solutions. The Single Directory also supports a secure and fast extension of PROCECO Solutions.


Unique PROCECO Solutions. Adapted to your needs.

Fabasoft Approve - Technische Dokumentation
Technical Data Management
Document major projects efficient and traceable with Fabasoft Approve.
Fabasoft Boards on Proceco - Sitzungsmanagement
Meeting Management
Organize and manage your meetings securely and traceably with Fabasoft Boards.
Fabasoft Contracts - Vertragsmanagement
Contract Management
Manage your contracts smart and easy with Fabasoft Contracts.
Fabasoft Talents on eGov - Personalaktenverwaltung
Personnel File
Accelerate your HR processes. Securely.
Xpublisher - Multichannel Publishing
Publish your content with Xpublisher in a borderless, media-neutral way.
Fabasoft Talents on eGov - Personalaktenverwaltung
Increase learning success with KnowledgeFox. Integrate the innovative learning app for effective microlearning into your existing learning environment.
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Certified security.

The technological basis of the ecosystem is the highly secure and certified Fabasoft Cloud.

Become part of the Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem.