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Active contract management

Actively manage your contracts - track details such as duration, notice periods and renewals in real time, even when mobile.

Quick overview

Organize all your contract documents in one place and gain a compact view of the essential contents of the agreements in your organization.

Efficient communication

Increase the efficiency of contract processing and improve communication and knowledge transfer between departments.

Are you looking for cloud-based contract management for your company?

Standardize contract drafting

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements when drafting contracts. With Contracts on Fabasoft eGov you standardize the creation and maintenance of templates and standard contracts. Text modules and clause libraries also enable efficient contract creation.

Vertragserstellung mit Vorlagen
Meeting im Buero

Improve teamwork

Subject your contracts to a legal and technical review before signing. With Contracts on Fabasoft eGov you can share contract documents securely with other departments and partners. Transparent annotations also ensure traceability.

Automate contract processes

Standardize the tracking of notice periods and contract adjustment options. With Contracts on Fabasoft eGov you can automate routine tasks such as obtaining approvals or reminders for contract renewals.

Freigabeprozesse auf mobilen Device
Aktivität Vertrag freigeben
Zeitsparen mit der intelligenten Suche

Ensure traceability

Document all phases of the contract lifecycle in a traceable way. Contracts on Fabasoft eGov allows you to keep track not only of current obligations and deadlines, but also of archived contract documents. An intelligent search function also ensures fast retrieval of contracts as well as the required auxiliary information.

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Digitize your contract management and benefit from reduced processing and lead times.

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