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Efficiently managing technical data across the manufacturing value chain


Large-scale projects often involve orders that each generate thousands of technical documents that you and other stakeholders need to review and approve – things like dimensional drawings and 3D models. Fabasoft Approve integrates you, your suppliers, and your customers into automated transmission, review, and approval processes that minimize manual work and increase transparency.

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Your benefits at a glance

Up-to-date information available on demand

Have access to the very latest plans and documents. In keeping with the single source of truth principle, all your data is securely stored in one central location in Fabasoft Approve, where it is accessible to you at all times.

Every task and every deadline squarely in sight

Never miss a deadline again. With Fabasoft Approve automatic alerts remind you and everyone involved in the process to finish their tasks on time.


More time to focus on other value-creating activities

Replace manual tasks with automated processes. Fabasoft Approve puts an end to tedious, time-intensive document searches and endless document tracking.

More efficient collaboration across borders

Share technical data with your partners in no time at all. End-to-end digitalization of your cross-company processes in Fabasoft Approve dramatically simplifies the way you cooperate with your stakeholders. A clearly arranged dashboard keeps you up to date about the project’s current status.

Full transparency about your processes

Stay on top of things. With Fabasoft Approve, you – and everyone involved in the project – always know exactly which tasks you need to complete by when. You also see instantly when changes to any technical data or documents are made, who made them, and what the changes are.

Readily customizable to ensure lasting project success

Suit the unique requirements of your company and your project. Thanks to its high scalability, Fabasoft Approve offers the flexibility you need for all your future projects as well, to support your continued project success now and tomorrow.

One solution for multiple use cases

Technical documentation

Automated generation of the technical documentation in your projects, including the integration of the supplier documentation

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Transmittal management

Traceable and transparent data exchange, including the associated business correspondence, to support the success of your large-scale projects

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Quality management

Digital quality and deviation management in your workflows to detect and correct defects in good time

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Asset management

A central information platform for all your product-related technical data and documents

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A number of international corporations have already placed their trust in Fabasoft Approve

KSB employees on the advantages of digital supplier documentation

"Thanks to Fabasoft Approve, we reduced the amount of manual work in connection with our technical documents dramatically. Today, all of our KSB employees and our suppliers now work on a single platform, making the cross-company workflow substantially simpler and faster".

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