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The new Fabasoft Contracts - Simply better thanks to contract analytics.

Made to give you more time for what really matters.


Created on 17. November 2020

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Designed to leave you more time for what matters most.

Rapid processes, elevated data quality, and a working risk assessment – that sums up what everyone involved in contract management is really looking for. And with the right approach, that’s exactly what you can achieve for your business. Fabasoft Contracts is a cloud-based contract management solution that automatically imports and creates contracts, signs them digitally, manages and archives them in compliance with maximum data security criteria. Thanks to AI-supported contract analytics, Fabasoft Contracts helps to expedite processes and ensures transparency throughout the contract lifecycle – whether in the purchasing, sales, or contract management department. The solution uses AI-based contract analytics to read, cull, and analyze contracts and present them as a resource to support and inform decisions.


Fabasoft Contracts –
Create. Sign. Manage. Archive.


Create: Efficient contract importing.

Use drag and drop to import and file contracts quickly and easily: Fabasoft Contracts, an AI-driven contract management software, recognizes and incorporates the content of your contracts automatically. Optical character recognition and neural models make quick work of classifying contractual documents and extracting the relevant metadata independently, hands-off and hassle-free. That means that even legacy content from disparate formats can be digitalized swiftly and easily – and when you search for it, you’ll always find it in a secure and accessible location. You save time and money and end up with a central data storage repository. Welcome to the new era of contract management!


Sign: Integrated digital signature.

With Fabasoft Contracts, you can sign contracts digitally – anytime from anywhere. The integrated digital signature complies with the requirements for an “advanced electronic signature” (AES) in accordance with the eIDAS directive and can be incorporated into your defined workflows easily in no time at all. Not only does this accelerate your review and approval processes, it also streamlines your entire contract management process. In turn, you’ll benefit from being able to design business processes that are more efficient, more user friendly, and that won’t force users to leave the system they’re working in. The result is simplified cooperation with external contracting parties and enhanced flexibility during the entire contract life cycle.


Manage: Intelligent dashboards.

The intelligent AI-based dashboards in Fabasoft Contracts always deliver a concise overview of all the contract data you need. Customized design options together with wide-ranging sorting, filtering, and analysis capabilities enable you to create dynamic reports quickly and easily. That means you can visualize individual parameters such as contract amounts, address data, and key figures in a variety of different types of diagrams and tables at the touch of a button – and share them with your colleagues. What’s more, the automated deadline management and reminder feature ensure that deadlines and contractual obligations are never overlooked.


Archive: Maximum data security.

Audit-proof contract archiving based on the IDW PS 880 standard, and contract retrieval in a matter of seconds – Fabasoft Contracts makes it possible. Take advantage of the integrated semantic full-text search to find contract documents in just a few clicks. Using Fabasoft’s “Time Travel” feature, you can view all the details regarding access and changes to any contract across the entire contract lifecycle, compare document versions, and restore previous versions when you need to. The most stringent international data security standards guarantee the security of your contract data. End-to-end encryption, TLS encryption during data transmission, two-factor authentication at login, and a well considered role-based rights and authorization model for regulating access are the key to achieving maximum security. A number of reputable companies and public organizations have already placed their trust in Fabasoft.


See for yourself why so many businesses choose Fabasoft!


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As a SaaS solution, Fabasoft Contracts is available immediately in a variety of packages. Please contact your Fabasoft team for more information.


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