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Say goodbye to manual contract management

From now on, artificial intelligence takes over all the work involved in extracting the relevant data from your contracts. Drag-and-drop functionality makes uploading the contracts fast and easy, and from there, all your contract data is easy to find and immediately accessible in a well-structured format. Not only will this fast-track the digitalization of your contract archive, it will also reduce the potential for errors and minimize risk. Fabasoft Contracts frees capacity and gives you the space you need to focus on other core tasks.

Gain transparency in your contract management

Clearly arranged dashboards give you a concise view of all your contracts. A varied selection of views and reports unlock new angles – so when it comes to detail, you won’t be left in the dark. When you query contract details using intelligent search, you find the answers in real time. You’ll be able to locate all the data you need easily in an instant. Experience the peace of mind that comes when you have everything under control. Enjoy the benefits of end-to-end contract management transparency with Fabasoft Contracts.

Keep an eye on your deadlines and obligations

Optimize your deadline management. Enjoy active control over upcoming events and deadlines with the integrated calendar, linked to Outlook. Fabasoft Contracts reminds you of everything in plenty of time. You meet every deadline and are fully prepared every step of the way. All changes and amendments are safely stored in the archive in a revision-secure format. Design your future-proof contract management efficiently with Fabasoft Contracts.

Sign your contracts anytime and anywhere

Access your contracts from anywhere at any time using the mobile app. The native and legally valid digital signature capability accelerates your signing process and connects you instantly with your contacts across the globe. The highest European security standards ensure reliable collaboration with your business partners, right in the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud. Concluding contracts is fast and easy with Fabasoft Contracts.

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