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Fabasoft Contracts offers benefits like automated, digital process flows, an integrated annotation feature, as well as its rule-based authorization and role concept, but the list of valuable features doesn’t end there.

Contract analytics

Harness the power of artificial intelligence for contract management.

Using the drag-and-drop function, you can import your contracts into the cloud in a matter of seconds. The intelligent contract management software recognizes various types of contracts while extracting all relevant clauses and metadata. This saves you time and eliminates the risks involved in manual entry.

Regulated deadline management

Stay on top of things.

With just a few clicks, the intelligent dashboards in Fabasoft Contracts deliver valuable analyses and reports. What’s more, the integrated calendar and reminder feature, which is linked to Outlook, makes sure that deadlines and appointments are always observed. This gives you the latitude to respond flexibly and helps you minimize your risks and leverage crucial advantages in business contract management.

Mobile application

Sign your contracts anytime, anywhere.

Processes that won’t force users to leave the system they’re working in – across national borders and company boundaries. Fully compliant with the eIDAS Regulation, the integrated advanced electronic signature (AES) paves the way for efficient collaboration with your contract partners. Thanks to the Fabasoft Contracts mobile app, you can sign your contracts even when you’re on the go.

A 360-degree view

Enjoy total transparency throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

Thanks to semantic full-text search, time-consuming searches through existing contracts are a thing of the past. The Fabasoft “Time Travel” feature lets you compare different contract versions and restore them when you need to. That means that maximum transparency and traceability are guaranteed.

Graphical process editor

Automate your processes.

The graphical process editor (BPMN 2.0) allows you to model complex coordination, review, and approval processes based on your specific requirements – without any programming skills at all. The Editor automatically informs all parties to the contract about pending tasks and provides a clear and traceable overview of all your processes.

A broad range of templates

Safeguard your contract quality.

When it comes to contract creation and management, quality plays a central role. Standardized templates, text modules, and clauses streamline the contract generation process dramatically and provide a high-quality foundation for successful business contract management – throughout the complete contract lifecycle.

Get rid of your spreadsheets.

Import your existing contracts.

Profit from smart reports.

Sign your contracts digitally.

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KI driven contract management

EFFICIENT CONTRACT GENERATION Create and import contracts at the touch of a button. Transferring contract data into tables by hand was yesterday. With Fabasoft Contracts, importing existing contract documents is as easy as drag-and-drop. The AI-based contract management software automatically recognizes and incorporates every piece of relevant data and can locate it in a matter of seconds. A comprehensive set of templates, ready-to-use text modules, and rule-based clauses help you create contracts automatically. Fabasoft Contracts – The off-the-shelf software that sets the standard for speedy creation and centralized storage of all your legal documents.

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Contract Import
INTEGRATED DIGITAL SIGNATURE Sign contracts whenever you want. Chasing down what felt like 100 signatures was yesterday. With Fabasoft Contracts, you can sign contracts digitally – anytime from anywhere – even from mobile devices. The integrated digital signature is equivalent to an advanced electronic signature (AES) in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation and can be integrated into your defined workflows easily in no time at all. Fabasoft Contracts – The off-the-shelf software that sets the standard for seamless media format continuity, simplified and traceable collaboration with your contract partners, and accelerated coordination, review, and approval processes.
Digital Signature
Intelligent Dashboards All the data at a glance. Searching through contracts was yesterday. In just a few clicks, Fabasoft Contracts delivers you a succinct overview of all data relevant to your contracts. The personalized AI-powered dashboards enable you to generate dynamic analyses and reports quickly and easily thanks to their powerful sorting, filtering, and reporting capabilities. What’s more, the automated deadline management feature – including a calendar and reminders – keeps contractual obligations from slipping through the cracks and makes sure you never miss a deadline. Fabasoft Contracts – The off-the-shelf software that sets the standard for your professional and efficient business contract management.
Intelligent Dashboards
REVISION-SECURE ARCHIVING Maximum data security with maximum transparency. Worrying about data security was yesterday. In Fabasoft Contracts, every single contract version and all the documents associated with it are documented, archived, and protected from unauthorized access in a revision-secure system that complies with the IDW PS 880 auditing standard issued by IDW, the German institute of public auditors and public accountants. The integrated semantic full-text search and the Fabasoft “Time Travel” feature help you locate, review, compare, and restore your documents quickly, throughout the entire contractual lifecycle. Fabasoft Contracts – The off-the-shelf software that sets the standard for maximum traceability, security, and compliance in contract management.
Audit-proof archiving

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Fabasoft Contracts is immediately available as a SaaS solution. Once the trial registration is complete, you have the option of purchasing one of the following Fabasoft Contracts packages.


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