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The application process at Fabasoft: My way to "real opportunities"


Created on 12. May 2020

Willi der Waschbär

"We really care about experts.“ – not just a slogan, but a living reality at Fabasoft.


My name is Margret and I have been responsible for Content Management in the Fabasoft Group since January 2020. In the following article I would like to tell you about my application process at Fabasoft. It didn't take long and was uncomplicated and appreciative. But everything in sequence.


From job search to application

Anyone who has been or is actually looking for a new professional challenge, is familiar with the sometimes tedious process of sifting through newspapers, various career platforms and company websites until a suitable position appears. For me, it is particularly important that the job advertisement is designed in an attractive and meaningful way. This was the case with Fabasoft. If you are not completely convinced by the Fabasoft job advertisement alone, you will be at the latest when browsing through the career website: Willi the racoon and his animal friends from the employer branding campaign whet the appetite for "real opportunities" in the professional future.


Once the dream job has been found and the requirements and curriculum vitae match, you can get started. In addition to the application form with upload function for your documents, Fabasoft provides you with further helpful tips for a successful application as a blog and on the career website.


The job interviews

If Fabasoft is also interested in a potential cooperation with you, a member of the recruiting team will call to arrange an initial interview. In addition, I also received a confirmation of the appointment via e-mail from Larissa, containing exact information about the meeting place, the participants and the parking possibilities. How the initial application round is conducted depends entirely on the department in which the position is filled. Flora, the recruiting manager at Fabasoft, will be happy to give you more information on that at any time.


In my case, the appointment took place in Linz with Flora and my responsible manager, Julia. My slight nervousness evaporated as soon as I was warmly welcomed. Right at the beginning the interview procedure was explained. Flora started with a short introduction to the products and the daily work routine at Fabasoft. And this was impressively understandable, to the point and exciting. The relaxed atmosphere made it easy for me to talk about my career, my experiences and my expectations for the future afterwards. Then Julia provided information about the structure of her department and the position. Intermediate questions were always possible. Finally, the further procedure was explained and the time for feedback was agreed upon.


As I was the last candidate to be invited concerning the open position, Flora called me again the day after the first interview – a few days earlier than agreed –  and invited me to a second one. I appreciated both speed and message very much. The second interview was arranged just as quick. During this meeting my further questions were answered and I was able to get to know my future colleagues in the department. Furthermore I was given a guided tour of the Fabasoft premises and also received a draft of my employment contract. You will certainly understand that therefore it was a very easy for me to decide to work at Fabasoft.


My conclusion

The whole application process was a very appreciative and pleasant experience for me. The promising information on the career website and the slogan of the Fabasoft-Employer branding campaign "We really care about experts." turned out to be completely true.


I will tell you about my onboarding at Fabasoft in another blog.