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hours of training saved per employee


error-free XML documents thanks to guided authoring


reduction in review time through integrated change tracking

Create structured content easily and efficiently

With the aid of XML, Xeditor lets you create content, add semantic markup, process it automatically and publish it with maximum efficiency across a whole range of channels.

Authors of subject-specific content benefit from the intuitive, Microsoft Word-like What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get user interface. Technical editors use the familiar tag display mode or the native XML editor.

Illustration of an XML document in Xeditor
Two editors sit at a laptop and work together on a specialist article.
 Illustrated comment feature in Xeditor

Make collaboration effortless

Xeditor is device independent and runs in the browser. With Xeditor, multiple authors can collaborate from wherever they are, whenever they want, from any device.

Integrated change tracking and commenting capabilities streamline the review process considerably, and result in a digital dialog that provides a holistic overview.

Create valid XML documents whenever you want

Guided authoring benefits everyone involved in editing a document. Every change is validated in real time against the stored XML schema and Schematron, ensuring rule-compliant work and maximum semantic quality for your documents.

Whether you prefer a standard XML schema such as LW DITA, JATS, or NISO STS, or a schema you have developed in-house, you can use the XML schema that is right for you.

Illustration of validation information and guided authoring in the Online XML editor Xeditor.
Illustration of Xeditor as it is integrated into any CMS.

Enjoy seamless integration and regular updates

The open architecture and well-documented interface facilitate smooth integration into your existing system landscape.

Alongside continuous ongoing development with periodic updates, Xeditor can be customized, tailored to specific use cases, and flexibly extended.

We as Wolters Kluwer are very pleased with collaborating with Xpublisher. The highly configurable and modern solution supports us in further modernizing our editorial processes, enlarging the collaboration with authors and reduce complexity. The company has done a great job in understanding our needs and act jointly on remedies.
Sven Krantz-Knutzen Associate Director Editorial, Content & Knowledge Management, Wolters Kluwer
Sven Krantz Knutzen, Associate Director Editorial, Content & Knowledge Management, Wolters Kluwer

Take a look for yourself

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Success Stories

Numerous companies around the world are already benefiting from Xeditor. We are looking forward to writing the next success story with you!