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Ensure consistent communication across the entire organization.

Manage your newsroom using efficient digital processes based on the BPMN standard, and execute a consistent communication strategy with topic and deadline planning. This sets the stage for successful collaboration and a cohesive corporate image.

Illustrated calendar view with different publications of the corporate communications department with Xpublisher.
Illustrated display of the document time travel function and document versioning in Xpublisher.

Get the big picture.

With our single-source-of-truth approach, you and your team always have access to the latest documents and content. Automated review and approval processes ensure that you always have a clear overview of your data.

Enjoy straightforward integration into your system landscape.

Our flexible publishing interface lets you integrate Xpublisher into your IT infrastructure smoothly and easily. This means you can connect any number of third-party systems such as ERP, (website) CMS, DAM, as well as social media and email tools.

Illustrated calendar view with contributions from Corporate Communications in various channels.
External corporate communication content displayed on different channels and devices, such as laptop, tablet, cell phone and print.

Take your corporate communication to the next level.

Xpublisher covers the entire spectrum of your day-to-day business, helping you manage your corporate communications with comprehensive topic planning, media relations, and simple multichannel publishing – both digital and print.

Xpublisher also helps you generate and publish recurring reports, providing valuable support to help you comply with European standards (ESEF).

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Success Stories

Xpublisher is used successfully in numerous companies around the world. We would be happy to write the next success story with you!