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Success Story

Heise Medien: Content First outshines print first.

Heise Medien GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany's leading tech industry publishers and publishes magazines that include c't, iX, Mac & i and the technology magazine Technology Review.
Thanks to the excellent support and the completely goal-oriented collaboration with our colleagues from Xpublisher, we've mastered the conversion of our print products to Xpublisher superbly, resulting in shorter production times and a lasting boost in the quality of our products.
Christine Kreye Head of production
Heise Medien revolutionizes its production process with Xpublisher to move from a "print first" approach to "content first".
Flexible reuse of content
Media neutral content can be easily reused and utilized for new publications.
Standardization of processes
Xpublisher creates a consistent working environment for more efficient collaboration.
Optimization of publishing processes
Xpublisher enables faster publication processes as well as efficient reuse of content across multiple channels.

Maximize the value of your content through faster production and efficient reuse.

Reduce your production times and simultaneously enhance the quality of your content.

Front view of the Heise Medien headquarter

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