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Success Story

Cosmos Verlag: Full control at all times

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Cosmos Verlag, a family business in Switzerland, is a classic specialist publishing house which primarily publishes works on the subjects of tax, law and economics and supplements these with digital offers and events.
It was very important to show the benefit and also the way how one wants to achieve this benefit.
Marc Aeberli CEO
Xpublisher for Learning Content enabled Cosmos Verlag to standardize production and create a collaborative and centralized way of working.
All content is located in one place, accessible to employees regardless of time, location, or device.
Integrated Workflow Engine
Xpublisher offers an integrated workflow engine for collaborative and centralized cooperation.
Fast implementation
Xpublisher can be quickly implemented in the inhouse editorial system.

Authorization and access management gives you full control over your content

Use the integrated workflow engine for traceable and efficient collaboration.

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