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Primetals Technologies relies on digital plant documentation

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The global steel plant manufacturer Primetals Technologies relies on Fabasoft Approve for transparent communication with customers and manufacturers.
documents transmitted in major projects
“With Approve we have found a state-of-the-art, highly customizable platform for exchanging technical documents with our customers, suppliers, and internal project members.”
Gerhard Guger Head of Project Coordination Casting & ESP, Primetals Technologies
Gerhard Guger
Why Primetals Technologies is so enthusiastic about Approve
Significant risk minimization
Automated notifications to recipients and senders provide information about the transfer status of the transmittals and minimize the risk of project delays.
Full transparency
The structured view of project documents makes it easier to work with large volumes of documents and ensures traceability throughout the entire project duration.
Secure data exchange
A granular system for granting access rights, including substitution regulations, stipulates which data can be accessed by a particular user. Every processing step is automatically recorded in an audit log.
Simple customizability
Smart no-code and low-code add-ons allow Approve to be adapted quickly and easily to individual project requirements without the need for any in-depth programming knowledge.
Automated processes
A direct data connection to SAP P&E (Projects & Engineering Support) replaces multi-stage transfer steps via internal drives and eliminates manual effort.
Fast access
Project members can quickly access transmittals via an integrated full-text search function. The associated documents and letters (business correspondence) are clearly visible at all times.

In major projects with a duration of up to three years, up to 50,000 documents belonging to the plant documentation (as-built documentation) need to be exchanged securely. This includes documents such as production drawings, specifications, parts lists, or manuals in accordance with contractually defined requirements.

Customers and manufacturers receive automated notifications about the receipt of new documents. The software enriches documents with metadata such as version, language, engineering package, customer number, and contract number and displays these transparently for customers in the portal.

Every digital transmission of a transmittal, including the associated documents and business letters, is clearly displayed. All transmittal packages are available to the customer for the entire duration of the project. This makes it possible to trace at all times who received or downloaded which document, when, and in which version.

Primetals Mitarbeiter:innen arbeiten mit der Approve-Software

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