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Groh Verlag: Workflows for automated book production

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Since 1928, the Munich-based Groh Verlag publishing house has provided people with inspiration for gifts and expressing their best wishes. The product portfolio features a diverse range of lovingly designed books, displays, calendards, and stationary to mark the most memorable occasions and themes.
Xpublisher has given us a transparent overview of the entire production process. The efficient workflows and automated creation of high-quality content have optimized our collaboration and product quality.
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With Xpublisher, Groh promotes collaboration among all process participants through the workflow engine, thus increasing production efficiency and quality.
Optimized Collaboration
Thanks to the integrated workflow engine, all process participants collaborate effectively.
Powerful DAM
All digital assets are centralized in a single source of truth.
Time and Cost Savings
Automated generation of 3D illustrations lead to savings in both time and costs.
Transparent Overview
All stakeholders maintain visibility into the production process at all times.
Efficient Multichannel Publishing
XML content can be reused for various channels ensuring efficiency.

With Xpublisher, you can create and manage high-quality content across various media. 

With Xpublisher, you develop a detailed requirements catalog to enhance product quality and minimize administrative efforts.

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