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Success Story

Airbus Defence & Space: Xeditor for S1000D

Airbus SE is Eruope’s largest aerospace and second largest defence company. The portfolio of the Airbus Defence and Space division includes military aircraft, satellites and orbital systems as well as security solutions and communication technology
Xeditor provides an intuitive user interface that allows the author to edit the documentation without having to know XML Schemas in detail.
Thorsten Kaup Technical Editor
Optimizing the creation and review of technical documentation speeds up and simplifies processes at Airbus.
Future-proof technology
The system is reliable in the long term thanks to its technological flexibility and scalability.
Simple and individual configuration
The system can be adapted to your needs quickly and easily.
Fast prototype phase
The effort required to customize the software as part of prototype development is minimal.
Convincing WYSIWYG philosophy
XML documents can be created and edited even without technical knowledge.

Configure Xeditor for the S1000D standard, an XML-based specification for technical documentation in the aerospace industry.

Use Xeditor for an accelerated and simplified creation and review routine.

Create and edit technical documentation intuitively without detailed XML knowledge.

Airbus Defence and Space visual shows a rocket taking off, a satellite, a combat helicopter and a fighter jet in the air.

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