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Employees reduce risks through transparent processes
Infobox - Employees reduce risks through transparent processes

Mitigate risks with transparent processes

With Approve, the complete communication for large multi-year projects as well as the coordination, management, and verification of information is handled centrally on one platform. By managing the entire scope of documentation (such as CDRL) with Approve, you can reference specific business letters or the entire correspondence and link them to the corresponding documentation. This makes sure you keep a clear overview.

Automate tasks that are manual and time-consuming

Approve uses AI to extract, classify and categorize metadata from emails and associated documents and forwards them directly to the relevant department without time-consuming manual checks. The AI recognizes the relevance of the content and prioritizes it. Comprehensive, automated review and approval processes for contractually required documents ensure efficient project management. This saves you time and aggravation.

Employee automates manual and time-consuming tasks
Infobox - Employee automates manual and time-consuming tasks
Employees always have their tasks and duties in view
Infobox - Employees always have their tasks and duties in view

Stay on top of contractual obligations

Approve can generate contract-related "business letters" directly in the system and automatically assign a serial number to each letter. The letters can be tagged with flexibly configurable metadata such as the processing deadline, the project indicator, and to-dos and then assigned to the appropriate processor and transmitted right inside the protected communication platform. With a well structured project calendar coupled with automatic deadline reminders sent to everyone involved, you can rest assured that all tasks will be completed on time. This means you'll have project deliverables well in hand.

Your benefits from digital transmittal management

Automated confirmation of document receipt

Sending large amounts of data easily

AI-supported categorization and prioritization

Complete Microsoft Outlook integration

Templates to create transmittals efficiently

Integrated electronic signature

Experience our transmittal management software

Discuss your requirements with our experts and we will show you how to quickly digitize your business processes around your Transmittal and Submittal Management.

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