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Fabasoft Community Day

Sharing experiences, expanding networks and discussing innovations: These were the highlights of the Fabasoft Community Day in Linz.


Created on 20. March 2024

Fabasoft Community Day

On March 13, 2024, the first Fabasoft Community Day for representatives from various Austrian administrative authorities took place at the headquarters in Linz. Derived from a workshop at the Fabasoft egovday 2023 in Vienna, Fabasoft, in cooperation with Sourcing International, aims to further strengthen the exchange in the eGov community. The event focused on the digital transformation of public administration and the optimal use of Fabasoft eGov products.

Current trends and ideas

The first focus of the Fabasoft Community Day was on identifying currently important topics and new ideas from the participants. This resulted in an exchange on best practices directly from the authorities and on the possibilities for using the Fabasoft eGov ecosystem. It was essential to determine which technological functions the community needs in order to drive digital progress in the public sector in an efficient and beneficial way. In addition, an evaluation of specific topic requests for upcoming events was carried out in order to adapt these optimally to the needs of the administrations.

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (IFG), which comes into force this year, was the next essential item on the agenda. This law abolishes official secrecy and facilitates access to government information. After a very informative keynote speech by Dr. Gerhard Kunnert (Constitutional Service at the BKA), the participants identified challenges and requirements arising from the IFG at a workshop. This resulted in some interesting approaches to joint steps for an effective and successful implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.

Many thanks to Sourcing International and all participants for the successful event. We look forward to the next Fabasoft Community Day.

Photos of the event can be found here.