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"We really care for ... coffee." The Fabasoft coffee culture is legendary


Created on 15. July 2020

Wild auf echten Kaffee?

Fabasoft offers "real opportunities" as well as "beastly good benefits". This is stated on our career website and also lived reality: For example, we do not consider coffee and soft drinks for free or the daily breakfast as mere "soft facts", but as an essential ingredient for a motivating environment in which our team can feel good and develop.


Which coffee speciality would you like to have?

Coffee in particular is very important at Fabasoft – according to an internal survey, around 76 percent of the workforce love "caffeine smoothies". Our selection is correspondingly large: each floor is equipped with a fully automatic machine that brews espresso, extended brown, cappuccino and latte macchiato, partly also decaffeinated and with soy milk, from two types of coffee to choose from. Freshly ground organic coffee beans make every cup a sustainable pleasure – even if the hot pick-me-up should ever get cold.


From connoisseurs and caffeine junkies

The extended brown is the clear favourite with a popularity of more than 40 percent, followed by cappuccino, espresso and latte macchiato. This is also reflected in daily coffee consumption: on average, Fabasoft employees enjoy 2.3 cups of coffee per day. According to one third of the team the best "barista" at the headquarters in Linz is the machine on the 4th floor. Just behind it in second place: the one on the 3rd floor. The reasons range from "because the coffee supports me in my work" to "the coffee machine is closer to the office, so the taste of the coffee is already part of my everyday working life."


Basically, however, our organic coffee specialties taste great on every floor. For example, the machines in the Kunst Café and on the 6th floor are famous for the "firm milk foam", while the hot pick-me-ups in the Fabateria on the 5th floor "possibly go best with cigarettes". Attention: Acute risk of addiction! This is why some of our team members became caffeine junkies right after starting at Fabasoft, and almost half of the survey participants say they have changed their "coffee behaviour" accordingly. Want some examples? "I started drinking coffee regularly", "before Fabasoft I wasn't a coffee drinker, now I'm a coffee connoisseur, tasting various types of coffee at home and abroad". Other arguments were: "The coffee tastes much better than before, and there is a great selection", or "I hardly ever drink coffee anywhere else because it tastes much better at Fabasoft". All this proves: "Here it's part of the culture."


Ready for coffee corners?

You wonder whether we enjoy our rich coffee selection only alone at our workplace? Not at all. We also make use of the Fabasoft coffee corners and the common staff areas on the individual floors, our Fabateria or the spacious terrace on the 5th floor for a quick chat with colleagues over a cup of "caffeine smoothie". We celebrate our coffee culture – because "We really care for ... coffee." 


By the way: Even though our coffee culture is legendary, you don't have to be a caffeine junkie to get your money's worth. The fully automatic machines on the individual floors also offer other hot drinks at the touch of a button like tea, milk or cocoa, partly also with soy milk. True to the motto "Hot favourite drinks for everyone" Fabasoft also lives up to its slogan from the employer branding campaign: "We really care for experts."