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Success Story Schachermayer:

Optimizing processes with digital contract management

Robin Schmeisser

Created on 10. February 2021


Industry profile

Schachermayer Großhandelsgesellschaft m.b.H., an owner-managed family business founded in 1838, was faced with the challenging task of managing their IT license agreements transparently and centrally. The sheer number of IT licenses, rising as a result of the progressive digitalization of company business processes, made it necessary to implement a central system. The receivables and payables had become increasingly complex, particularly with regard to acquiring licenses. The trend towards modular enterprise architecture is driving the need for transparent and comprehensive view models and management for all contracts and their associated contractual obligations. Additionally, to ensure comprehensive risk assessment, a complete overview of all deadlines is imperative.


Use case

Prior to implementing Fabasoft Contracts, Schachermayer lacked a central contract database that would allow access to IT license agreements across departments. Contract documentation such as software license agreements, frame agreements, individual agreements, NDAs, and service level agreements was transmitted by e-mail, creating an enormous administrative workload and a lack of manageability and oversight. This resulted in overlooked deadlines and needless additional costs. What the company needed was a centralized system to manage IT contracts efficiently in a consolidated environment. To reach a solution quickly and simplify cross-departmental and cross-company collaboration, Schachermayer sought a cloud-based, off-the-shelf product to manage its digital contract documents and contract-centric processes.


Managing IT license agreements transparently

Since November 2019, employees from a range of departments throughout the company have been working with Fabasoft Contracts, a cloud-based contract management software. The software features an effective role and authorization concept to regulate contract viewing and editing. This ensures that management can access all contracts, while departmental employees can view only the contracts that are relevant to their area of responsibility. An intelligent dashboard displays an overview of all the terms and conditions to ensure that framework agreements are managed seamlessly and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of drawing up separate supplementary agreements. The integrated calendar and automated notification functionality included in Fabasoft Contracts ensures compliance with notice periods, deadlines, and contract periods, which in turn makes managing license contract deadlines simpler and more streamlined. This mitigates risk and prevents excessive spending.


The solution: Contracts

Schachermayer’s objective was to find a solution that could be rolled out immediately without involving a high-priced, time-consuming IT project. Fabasoft Contracts is available as a SaaS application, making it ready to use as a web application in just a few clicks. Since usability is a critical determinant of success for Schachermayer, the benefits of the contract management software became apparent after a brief test phase. License contracts can be moved to the cloud using drag-and-drop and are then classified automatically according to contract type and contract party. The system helps define traceability clearly by linking framework agreements and individual agreements appropriately, making it easy to see which individual agreement belongs to which framework agreement. The cloud solution provides a collective view of all contracts, based on the type of contract. The result is efficient license management and a clear cost advantage.


The added value of efficient contract management

Fabasoft Contracts transforms what were once complex, non-transparent, and primarily manual tasks into a process that can be planned, managed, and monitored. As such, Fabasoft’s product makes a valuable contribution to effective license management at Schachermayer. The solution minimizes the associated risks and costs and significantly optimizes processes.


About Schachermayer

Schachermayer-Großhandelsgesellschaft m.b.H., with headquarters in Linz, Austria, is an owner-managed family business. As a wholesale partner for the wood- and metalworking sectors, industry, and commerce, Schachermayer supports its partners with services in production, inventory management, and procurement. The company has offices in 13 European countries.