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Review "Produktmanagement im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau"


Created on 14. February 2020

14. Jahrestagung – Professionelles Produktmanagement im Maschinen- & Anlagenbau

Some 40 decision-makers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector met in Cologne on 5–6 February 2020 to discuss their experiences and approaches to solutions for the digitalisation and optimisation of product management.


In a number of engaging presentations and interactive discussion groups, the speakers shared their expertise on handling the ongoing shift towards digitalisation and the resulting upsurge in customer requirements. To satisfy the need for short delivery times and offer a comprehensive service portfolio, product management processes need to be streamlined, together with all the processes that are linked to product management. Product managers need to adopt an even more networked approach, and product management has to become more agile, flexible, and autonomous.


This was the point of departure taken by Andreas Dangl in his insightful presentation “Putting e-mail chaos on autopilot: Process-controlled supplier documentation in the cloud”. Using real-life customer examples, the presentation illustrated the customer benefits and differentiation potential that come with consistent digitalisation of cross-organisational business processes.


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Pictures: Copyright Marcus Evans