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Project “WAI-ARIA”: The new dimension of web accessibility

Fabasoft contributes to the inclusion and equality of people with disabilities by actively participating in the web standardization process.


Created on 21. November 2023

Peter Heumader und Mario Batušić bei zweiten jährlichen Meeting der WAI-ARIA WG in Sevilla

Fabasoft has always focused on maximum security, ease of use and universal accessibility of its products. As most of Fabasoft Solutions are web applications, the software company has been committed to the development of and compliance with international standards for years and is now going one step further by actively participating in the web standardization process.

In April 2023, Fabasoft has joined as member the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the global standardization organization for the web. All "global players" in the IT sector are attempting to define and standardize the protocols, specifications and codecs used in the web in various Working Groups (WG).

Fabasoft contributes to the WAI-ARIA specification

Fabasoft is actively involved in the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) WG. This is the first step in the web standardization process. The WAI-ARIA specification defines how dynamic internet applications should be designed so that the meaning of their user interface components can be determined programmatically. When developers program a menu bar using HTML elements such as <div> and <span>, for example, WAI-ARIA attributes are used to clearly identify it as such. A web application transmits this information to the assistive software – e. g. a screen reader for visually impaired and blind users – and thus makes it accessible. WAI-ARIA therefore plays a crucial role in the inclusion of people with disabilities.

List - Screenshot with Braille viewer


Work in the WAI-ARIA WG is carried out in weekly online meetings and two annual face-to-face meetings. The second annual meeting this year took place from 11 to 15 September 2023 during the W3C Hybrid Meeting TPAC in Seville (Spain). Mario Batušić and Peter Heumader from the PROCECO Solutions Design & UX Team participated in this event and represented Fabasoft’s interests in prioritizing the features for the next version of the WAI-ARIA specification. In this way, Fabasoft has a significant influence on the standard, which not only benefits Fabasoft products in the long term, but also all internet applications.