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Onboarding at Fabasoft: Right in the middle of action and fully involved in everyday work


Created on 18. June 2020

Fabasoft Tierwelt

Established welcome culture and good organization ensure a "soft" and direct entry at Fabasoft.

Once the application process has been successfully completed and the employment contract signed, you can get started at Fabasoft. As announced in my blog "The application process at Fabasoft: My way to 'real opportunities'", I would now like to tell you about my onboarding at Fabasoft. Here too the company acts professionally and ensures a relaxed start. Two weeks before joining the company, I received a welcome e-mail with all the relevant information about my first day. And then the first working day got real.


Start with "About Fabasoft"

It all began at the top, in the Office Management on the sixth floor of the Fabasoft headquarters in Linz, where the new employees were warmly welcomed and received a folder with important documents. Some guidelines, including those on fire protection, had to be signed immediately. To lighten things up, a joint breakfast followed in the "Fabateria", which, by the way, all Fabasoft team members are allowed to enjoy daily between 08:30 and 08:50 a. m.


Well strengthened we moved on to Stefan, trainer of the Fabasoft Academy, who welcomed us for the two-day newcomer training "About Fabasoft". This Fabasoft Academy training is on the agenda for every "newcomer" in the first few days. The provided insight into the company makes it easier to find one's way around in the initially unknown working environment. The topics ranged from the presentation of Fabasoft products and the organization chart to general procedures, a tour of the offices and a photo session for the employee card. Therefore it paid off to get dressed up and appear in business outfit on the first day. The two days of training also covered the core topics of security regulations and data protection, as well as the numerous employee events and social benefits. The atmosphere was always relaxed – especially since there was no final exam.


It quickly became clear that the lecturers are experts in the individual subject areas: Even technical jargon and English technical terms were conveyed in such a way that even I – an administrative employee with average IT user skills and a fairly modest understanding of software development – could understand the information. In addition, intermediate questions were always possible.


Entry into practice

The first "real" working day began with a surprise: The team welcomed me to the office with a beautifully decorated workstation and goodies. An onboarding box with a coffee cup, chocolate bar and many other gifts lovingly draped on my desk was already waiting for me.


In addition, the many questions that arise in the new working world have always been and still are answered by my colleagues in a friendly and patient manner, and help is always readily available. This made it easy to enter into practice and to take on smaller work assignments at the same time. Coffee, drinks and fresh fruit for free additionally sweeten the daily work routine.


My conclusion

The understandable beginner training "About Fabasoft" in the Fabasoft Academy and the warm welcome to the team made the start much easier. The slogan of the employer branding campaign "We really care about experts." is also the motto when joining Fabasoft.