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First experiences in the working world: My internship at Fabasoft


Created on 12. October 2020

Gepard Gerda

Hello, my name is Carmen and I did a four week internship in the Corporate Brand Management department at Fabasoft from 6 July to 31 July 2020. In my blog article I am going to tell you about my time at Fabasoft.


Off we go

My first week as an intern started at 9 am at the Fabasoft Kunst Café. There all Fabasoft trainees got a two-day introduction to the company in the so-called Fabasoft Academy. During the "About Fabasoft" training we learned about the company and the products that Fabasoft develops and sells. We got to know how the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud works so that we could use it without any problems during our internship. And we also heard about the "beastly good" benefits at Fabasoft.


After the Fabasoft Academy training we joined our teams and were allowed to work right away.


My daily work routine

My tasks during my internship included writing texts for the company's internal newsletter or e-mails, preparing an employee survey or doing internet research on specific topics. My largest project was to create a new website about Hubert Schmalix, the artist who designed parts of the wall decoration at the Fabasoft headquarters in Linz. Eva and Wenzel, who also work in the Corporate Brand Management department, provided me with great support. They explained everything to me step by step and also gave me helpful tips. In this project I was able to apply my knowledge from school as well as to learn a lot. In general, I could manage my tasks very well because my colleagues always answered my questions if something was unclear. I also liked the fact that I was well integrated into the team from the very beginning and that I got an insight into all areas.


And what else

Normally Fabasoft organizes many company events for its employees, e. g. barbecue Thursdays on the roof terrace in summer or a visit to the cinema. However, since I had my internship during the Corona period, I was unfortunately not able to attend any of these events because they were cancelled for security reasons. For the daily breakfast, which usually takes place from 8:30 to 8:50 am in the Fabateria on the 5th floor, a substitute was found: breakfast bags. With these you can choose between sweet and sour. So despite this exceptional situation, everyone gets a fresh and delicious breakfast every day. I spent the lunch break with Margret, she is responsible for the company's content management, at our coffee corner on the 3rd floor.


What I also found very cool is that all employees address each other by their first names – from the Managing Board, to the cleaning staff. I think that's a great thing because it makes it easier to join the company and causes a pleasant working environment.


My conclusion

I really enjoyed my internship at Fabasoft, not only because my colleagues were very nice, supportive and helpful, but also because I was allowed to work independently and got a good first insight into professional life. I would be very happy about another practical insight.


P.S. Me and the other interns were invited to participate in an anonymous survey about our time at Fabasoft on our last working day. You can find our answers in the blog article "Summer holiday time is internship time: Fabasoft offers young talent insight into the digital world".