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"Beastly good" hobbies: Here’s how Fabasoft team members spend their free time


Created on 22. December 2020

Fabasoft Tiere mit ihrem Hobby

This article gives you the chance to get to know the Fabasoft team from a very personal perspective. “We really care about ... hobbies. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?” That’s the question we asked our co-workers – and we’ve received some intriguing and exciting answers that we’d like to share with you here.


Vibrant and varied: Out and about or gambling

Our leisure time is as colorful as our work environment. The fact that variety and versatility are the order of the day is reflected in the diverse interests of the staff – they run the gamut from trips and outings to gardening, from making music and traveling to gambling. A wide variety of sports activities, including soccer, kangoo jumps, climbing, and scuba diving, as well as pursuits like painting, making homemade natural cosmetics, and slot car racing are equally appealing to the team. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Our all-time favorite activity is running – which you’ve probably guessed since Fabasoft has been such an active participant in running events during “normal” years – followed by reading in second place, and hiking, gaming, and meeting friends tied for third place.


Fitness fanatics ... or couch potatoes?

Turns out, we’re pretty sporty. As a matter of fact, in the summer we’re definitely leaning heavily toward the fitness fanatic side. Running, cycling, hiking, and swimming all have their spot on the agenda. But gardening, barbecuing and just chilling hold an equally special appeal – as long as they happen in the great outdoors.


Things do look a bit different in the colder months of the year. To be clear, our team has its fair share of skiers, snowboarders, and tobogganers. Not to mention avid runners who are undeterred by wind and weather. That said, on chillier days, the majority of the Fabasoft team prefers indoor activities like indoor sports or working out at the gym. But don’t worry if you resonate more with Winston Churchill and his famous “No sports” quip. Particularly in the winter, the comfort and coziness of our own four walls ranks high with us. That’s when we relax with some Netflix, gaming, reading, or just enjoying some couch potato time. There’s something to that.


“We really care about … hobbies” – even in these COVID times?

You’re surely wondering and we simply had to ask, considering that we’re talking about 2020: “Did anything about how you practice your hobbies change since the emergence of the coronavirus?” For some 53 percent of the employees, leisure activities have remained unaffected by the pandemic. The remaining 47 percent reported COVID-related constraints. “Team sports and group training aren’t possible”, there are “no more competitive events”, and “travel is and generally should be restricted at the moment”. We can, however, also find the bright side to all this: Now there’s “more time for hobbies since working from home means no commute”.


Whether we’re dealing with life in the time of Corona or not, we take advantage of our free time and really enjoy it. And that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. The majority of Fabasoft employees make time for their hobbies three to four times a week, and more than a quarter of them find time even more frequently. This just goes to show that our employer branding slogan “We really care about experts” also applies to our favorite pastimes: “We really care about … hobbies.”