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Xpublisher named champion and positioned highest in "Cloud Digital Asset Management" category

Released on 06. February 2024

Munich-based software company Fabasoft Xpublisher takes the top spot with its cloud-based digital asset management system in the customer satisfaction analysis “Professional User Rating (PUR): Cloud Business Solutions 2024.” For the study, Heise Group research and analyst firm techconsult surveyed more than 3,000 users in 2023 to determine their overall satisfaction with a range of cloud DAM providers. After evaluating roughly 70 cross-solution criteria, Xpublisher was named “2024 Champion.”

“This level of customer satisfaction is the greatest compliment for us and a testament to our product design,” reflects Matthias Kraus, CEO of Fabasoft Xpublisher GmbH. “In particular, the high scores in the areas of service, integration, and innovation motivate us to keep striving to do even better.”

Cloud providers evaluated based on business attractiveness and solution excellence

Each year, techconsult selects the 26 best providers in the German-speaking world from a total of 160 providers. There are two areas of assessment: First, PUR evaluates the companies in the areas of innovation, overall portfolio, and online presence. Secondly, users rate the software products in terms of functionality, service, user-friendliness, integration, and scalability. Users also report the extent to which their own work has improved as a result of using the product, and whether they would recommend the product to others. In the end, the sum of all the criteria yields the score by which the cloud DAM vendors are ranked.

About techconsult GmbH

For over 30 years, techconsult - as a research and analyst firm - has been a reliable partner for providers and consumers of digital technologies and services. More than 35,000 interviews/year with decision-makers at business and technology level, solution users and technology and service providers form the neutral basis of our consulting and project activities. In this way, customers are supported in their digital positioning and strategic planning as well as in specific sourcing processes in order to make well-founded decisions based on data-supported facts. In the development and implementation of individual go-to-market strategies, providers benefit both strategically and tactically from the market-oriented support of our analysts and the tc partner network.

About Fabasoft Xpublisher

Fabasoft Xpublisher Inc. is a leader in the field of multichannel publishing, offering products that enable workflow-centric content creation, content management in a content pool, and automated publishing to virtually any media platform. Fabasoft Xpublisher Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and is a subsidiary of Fabasoft Xpublisher GmbH, which was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company has been part of the Fabasoft Group since 2019. Numerous leading international companies and organizations in the publishing, aerospace, technology, education, and public administration sectors together with a host of other industries have placed their trust in the Fabasoft Xpublisher products.

For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Xpublisher.