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To make sure you enjoy a superior product experience, we recommend that you take a look at Mindbreeze’s diverse range of training options.

Attend one of the Mindbreeze Certified Expert training courses at our headquarters, on your premises, or online, and master the topics that are most relevant to you without being tied to a specific time or location, thanks to our innovative online courses.
Mindbreeze Training illuminates all of Mindbreeze InSpire’s most important features – from the basics to specific configurations – and explains them hands-on using practical examples.

Mindbreeze Certified Expert Training

This Mindbreeze InSpire Training course will provide you with a compact overview of all the important sub-areas in Mindbreeze InSpire. Under the instructor’s guidance, you can try out all the essentials for yourself and find out how to use Mindbreeze InSpire effectively.
By completing the training and successfully passing the test, you will become a Mindbreeze Certified Expert.

Mindbreeze Online Courses

This very special format for Mindbreeze Training gives you the opportunity to acquire exceptional knowledge that will further optimize the way you work with Mindbreeze InSpire – whenever you want and from wherever you are. With Mindbreeze InSpire online courses, you can choose from a diverse range of topics based on your specific needs, and receive hands-on training thanks to the highly practical approach and the temporary environment.

You’ll find specific training dates and further details about the Mindbreeze training options on the Mindbreeze website.

Training materials:

See Mindbreeze-Website


See Mindbreeze-Website

Training details

EUR 4000,- (exclusive of VAT)