Fabasoft Folio Advanced

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It is our pleasure to invite you to the Training Fabasoft Folio Advanced.



User management 

  • Authentication
  • Create new users
  • Working environment
  • Model an organization structure
  • Roles concept
  • Substitutes


Access rights 

  • Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Access types   
  • Analysis of ACLs
  • Assignment of ACLs
  • Referenced object


Access definitions 

  • Document status   
  • Editing status   
  • Engagement
  • Inheritance



  • Configuration of audit logs
  • Analysis of audit logs


Archiving requirements 

  • Retention period    
  • Litigation hold 
Knowledge of Fabasoft web browser clients
Training materials:
Training documents and examples will be made available in a Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom.
English (if there are only German speaking participants, the training will be held in German)