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Secomo (Encryption Appliance) – Driving innovation in data encryption

In close cooperation with the Graz University of Technology, Fabasoft has developed an appliance with genuine end-to-end encryption which for the first time offers complete and continuous protection of your sensitive and valuable company data. Data is always transmitted and stored in encrypted mode, and is only decrypted on the end device.

Screenshot - Genuine end-to-end encryption on all devices

Genuine end-to-end encryption

Secomo allows for a genuine end-to-end encryption with a key length of 4096 bit. The data is encrypted early on at the workplace or the mobile end device, instead of being encrypted at a later point in the Cloud.

Location A

Secomo Appliance at Location A

Location B

Secomo Appliance at Location B

Two devices, two locations

Secomo is an encryption appliance consisting of the Secomo software and two highly available servers in separate fire zones. The system is fail-safe and secured by hardware security modules which will delete themselves in the case of an unauthorised access.

Ready for use

Fabasoft Cloud customers can implement Secomo right away and benefit from its easy use. A variety of authentication methods ensures that collaboration takes place in a trusted environment.

Flexible configuration

Areas of use

Secomo complements the Fabasoft Private Cloud, the Fabasoft Public Cloud and - as of 2016 - the Fabasoft eGov Suite with the following functionality:

Collaboration of organisations with Secomo systems

Encrypting and decrypting teamrooms

Reading and working with encrypted documents

Uploading encrypted documents

Synchronisation only on encrypted file systems

Mobile access to encrypted documents via the iOS and Android app “Fabasoft Cloud App”

Technical data

CentOS Linux with SELinux configuration

Monitoring with Fabasoft app.telemetry

For more information see www.apptelemetry.com.

Intuitive, web-based management interface

Self-encrypting disks

(SED, FIPS 140-2 Level 2)

Two servers per 1U rack mount

Two power supply units C13/14 per server

Hardware security module (HSM)

Compliant with the requirements of FIPS 140-2 Level-4 certification for physical security

Application of the CMS standard

For signed and encrypted data


Hash algorithm SHA-512; RSA-4096


Symmetric AES-256; asymmetric RSA-4096

Secomo Appliance


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