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True end-to-end encryption

Fabasoft Secomo is an encryption architecture with true end-to-end encryption. Encryption takes place at the workplace or mobile device and not in the cloud. This ensures end-to-end encryption from the sender to the receiver.


No access by the provider

The Fabasoft credo "Continuous protection through encryption" means that only you have access to the Fabasoft Secomo and your settings. Fabasoft has neither interfaces to the appliance nor your keys.

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Highly available architecture

Fabasoft Secomo is an appliance consisting of Fabasoft Secomo software and two highly available servers in a network. The servers have hardware security modules that meet the requirements of FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certification for physical security. 


Secure authentication via client certificate

Fabasoft Secomo supports client certificates for authentication. You decide who has access to the security appliance and may work with encrypted documents. 

Instantly ready for operation

Fabasoft Secomo is an encryption appliance consisting of pre-assembled and perfectly matched hardware and software components. The time required for installation, configuration and commissioning is reduced through automation and simplification so that you can put the appliance into operation yourself within a short time (Customer Managed). Alternatively, Fabasoft can manage the operation (Fully Managed, does not include administration of the keys on the HSM). 

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Effortless administration and comprehensive monitoring

Fabasoft Secomo enables simple operation and has its own management user interface. This guarantees your administrators full control over the appliance. Using the integrated software "Fabasoft app.telemetry" you can monitor the individual system components as well as the performance and availability of Fabasoft Secomo from the user's point of view.