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How Computer-Aided Quality optimizes production

Focus on Quality: Intelligent CAQ System for Efficient Quality Management

Andreas Dangl

Created on 10. March 2023

Computer-aided quality allows production to be optimized
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Quality management has become an indispensable factor in modern industry. A key role is played here by the use of digital technologies, which make it possible to automate processes and thus respond more quickly and effectively to problems. Since the supply chain does not end within the company itself, but includes numerous suppliers and customers, it has become essential to think in terms of digital processes.


Quality assurance based on a smart CAQ system

The use of a cross-plant Computer-Aided Quality system (CAQ system) is recommended in order to simplify extensive workflows. This type of computer-aided quality assurance in incoming and outgoing goods inspection or document, complaint and test equipment management enables the digitalization of all quality-relevant processes.

An intelligent CAQ system fulfills the following key requirements in terms of optimized quality management:


Consolidation of quality-relevant information

CAQ establishes a cross-plant connection of essential quality-relevant information. This includes, for example, different ERP data such as technical documents or contractual agreements.

Involvement of all relevant stakeholders

Both internal and external partners are integrated into cross-company quality management processes according to their access rights. A shared data environment enables location-independent access to documents while meeting the highest requirements in terms of data protection and security.

Integration and consolidation of data

Support from a CAQ system that aggregates and collects data from different plants is indispensable in particular for large, globally active companies. It allows companies to standardize their quality processes.

Flexible modifications

No two industrial operations are the same. Especially those that manufacture special or individual products depend on the fact that digital workflows can be modified at any time. Ideally, it should therefore be possible for a CAQ environment to be flexibly adapted to changing internal requirements at any time.


Efficient quality management thanks to a cross-plant CAQ system

A cross-plant CAQ system supports quality management in an efficient way and raises the production of modern industrial companies to a whole new level. Companies save time and money by digitizing and automating quality-related processes along the entire value chain. The active involvement of suppliers and customers in important processes also leads to a significant increase in the quality of individual components as well as of products as a whole. By using a modern CAQ system, companies remain competitive and make optimal use of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

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