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What to expect

The free DPR special issue is now available for our six-part webinar series "Boost Your Content," which helps trade media providers get more out of their valuable content.

How do publishers benefit from intelligent content structuring? How is content properly enriched? How can structurally compliant content be produced and published cross-medially? And what role does marketing ultimately play in the success of digital offerings?

In the DPR special issue, we have summarized all the contents of the series for you in a compact and clear way. For each topic, you will find an interview with one of the two webinar partners as well as a checklist with the most important information and tasks so that you can get started right away in practice.

Here again is an overview of all the topics in the "Boost Your Content" series:

1. The basis: Added value through intelligent content structuring
2. How can content be enriched?
3. Content in the flow: How to produce structure-compliant content and publish it cross-media?
4. How innovative, content-based products are created from structured content
5. How to create innovative, tool-oriented products from structured content
6. Go for the customer: Prerequisites for marketing digital products

Are you interested in the special issue? Use the contact form to get free access right away (note: the special issue is only available in German).

Do you still have questions or are you interested in a free live demo of Xpublisher? Please contact Christian Keck directly via email or LinkedIn.

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