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What to expect

Many find today's scholarly landscape unsettled and challenging. Speaking from over four decades of experience, Bill Kasdorf (Founding Partner Publishing Technology Partners and Principal of Kasdorf & Associates LLC) think it's the most dynamic and exciting that it's ever been. That's largely thanks to the dramatic advances in the technologies we use to conduct, collaborate on, and convey the fruits of scholarly and scientific research. The image of the lone scholar in a garret laboring in isolation for years is history. Research and scholarship are fundamentally conversations--first and foremost among colleagues and peers, but increasingly interdisciplinary and cross-sector, supported by cross-publisher organizations, based on broadly implemented standards, and driven by mandates from governments, funders, and institutions. Challenging? Of course. But at the end of the day, for the better.

This talk focuses on some of the technological developments that are making the scholarly and scientific ecosystem better than ever.

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