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What to expect

The Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) is a recent (2021) merger of NACE International and SSPC (The Society of Protective Coatings). What initially began as a centralization of content for NACE International in 2020 became a unification of over 75 years of legacy content from both organizations in standards, conference papers, journal articles, books, and magazines – as well as a path forward for new content. 

This use case, presented by Mandy L. May (Director, Content Management at AMPP), will cover five major elements:

  1. Structuring content
  2. Implementing a taxonomy effort
  3. Launching an internal content repository
  4. Creating centralized new content workflows
  5. Implementing a customer facing platform for discoverability and delivery

The small staff team knew that it was essential to lean on the best of industry partners for this digital transformation.

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