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What to expect

The shift towards open access models, the pressing demand for diversity and inclusivity as well as the significant increase in submissions and publications are challenging the established frameworks and procedures of traditional publishing. Like almost all industries, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of scholarly communication.

Even if the outcome of this development is unclear: By adopting a modern technology infrastructure, scholarly publishers can better meet the needs of the research community, foster open and efficient communication of scientific knowledge, and ensure the sustainability and growth of their operations in the digital era. Our digital conference is intended to provide impetus and inspiration to prepare for this process. Get ready for the future of scholarly publishing!

See the official conference booklet for more information about the agenda and speakers.


Agenda (short version):

  1. Keynote: Welcome to Our Rich, Multimodal, Interconnected, Multiplayer, Dynamic Scholarly Publishing World!
    Bill Kasdorf (Publishing Technology Partners)
  2. Panel Discussion: Technology Trends in Scholarly Publishing - A Publisher's Perspective
    Michael Di Natale (AACR - American Association for Cancer Research)
    Cheryl Firestone (AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics)
    Mandy L. May (AMPP - Association for Material Protection and Performance)
    Moderation: Brian Trombley (Ariza Content Solutions)
  3. Setting the Course for the Future of Scholarly Communication – Outlook on the SSP 46th Annual Meeting​
    Melanie Dolechek (Society for Scholarly Publishing)
  4. Digital Transformation Driven by JATS, BITS, and NISO STS – An AMPP Case Study
    Mandy L. May (AMPP)
  5. Panel Discussion: Technology Trends in Scholarly Publishing - A Delivery Platform Vendor‘s Perspective
    Patrick Hargitt (Atypon)
    Hannah Heckner Swain (Silverchair)
    Joshua Routh (HighwirePress)
    Moderation: Brian Trombley (Ariza Content Solutions)
  6. Publishing Embedding Semantics in an Age of AI
    Todd Carpenter (NISO - National Information Standards Organization)


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