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Create inspection plans and quality control plans (QCP)
Infobox - Create inspection plans and quality control plans (QCP)

Create inspection plans

Create the content for your inspection plans, control plans, and other digital checklists automatically using building blocks and templates. One of the building blocks can be a special test or inspection step (with tolerances, multi-point checks, and so on). The internal technical database independently retrieves the relevant target values through an interface and integrates this information into the control processes.

Record defects on a mobile device

Digital checklists not only support your work in quality assurance, they also help you detect and rectify defects in good time, such as during incoming and outgoing goods inspections in your own factory, as part of acceptance inspections, or during service operations on the customer’s premises. Quality defects can be recorded instantly using a mobile device and tagged with additional information (a description of the defect, deadline for rectification, and so on).

Defects are recorded by an employee on a mobile basis
Infobox - Defects are recorded by an employee on a mobile basis
Mitarbeiter erhalten automatisierte Maßnahmen nach der 8D-Methode
Infobox - Employees receive automated measures according to the 8D method

Handle internal and external complaints efficiently

When defects have been recorded, the system assigns the required immediate corrective and preventive measures fully automatically, in line with the 8D problem-solving method. If a supplier is involved, the supplier as well as your in-house staff receive workflow activities in order to define solutions directly in the CAQ system. That means that the entire process of recording, tracking, and rectifying defects is documented at all times in a way that can be traced by everyone involved.

Generate global evaluations and analyses with ease

By compiling things like defects, deviations, and corrective actions in one central location, you can produce comprehensive reports at the click of a button and use automated analyses to eliminate the root cause and optimize quality for maximum profit. This allows you to take corrective measures and optimization steps even before your products go into production, which translates into substantial cost savings.

Comprehensive reports can be created with just a few clicks

Experience our quality management software

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“Predictive quality” thanks to Approve, the cross-plant quality management software

Siemens Transformers utilizes Approve as its cross-plant CAQ system in all of its 14 locations to cover the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) cycle completely and to make data-based predictions of the product- and process-related quality of its transformers.

How you can benefit from our CAQ system

Clearly arranged graphical management dashboards

Easily customizable to your company’s specific processes

Worldwide mobile application

Seamless documentation of all processes and changes

Speedy integration with existing IT systems such as SAP to leverage order data

Integrated full-fledged document management

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