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Munich on the way to paperless administration

How the Competence Center "eAkte" is driving digitalization forward


Created on 03. April 2024

Thomas Schmidbauer

The first Fabasoft | Connect Bayern took place in Munich on January 30, 2024. Thomas Schmidbauer (Head of Competence Center "eAkte" in the state capital Munich) gave insights into the project status of the "eAkte" in the state capital (LH). 

The Competence Centers "eAkte" as a comprehensive service provider

At the beginning of the year, the Competence Center eFile was officially founded at the City of Munich. Since 2021, the project team has been working on the gradual roll-out of the "eAkte", which is to be completed in 2025 in accordance with the City Council's mandate. The aim of the "eAkte" Competence Center is to create the basis for a paperless office and to promote efficient, modern administration for citizens and companies. The center bundles all tasks related to the operation and further development of the city-wide eFile, the digital personnel file and, in future, input management in one place. It is also responsible for introductions, integrations and optimizations as well as support, consulting and training. It thus serves as a comprehensive service provider and consultant for all aspects of electronic file work in the City of Munich, with a focus on a customer-oriented and holistic approach. Following its establishment, the Competence Center is constantly expanding its areas of activity and will also take on requirements analysis, test management and consulting in the future.


Recruiting campaign for specialist staff

The Competence Center "eAkte" started with those employees who had already been technically responsible for the "eAkte" in the city in recent years. In order to fully benefit from their qualifications and expertise, the team needs to be expanded. The center therefore launched a major recruitment campaign in autumn 2023. The call resulted in more than 80 applications, which are the key factor for a successful project team with professionally and technically qualified employees.  


Successfully mastering challenges 

Apart from recruitment, a major challenge is to bundle and prioritize the different organizations with the various areas of responsibility and to proceed in a structured manner.

In order to master the restructuring, a project is currently running alongside the personnel campaign in the city-wide program, which deals with transitions and processes. The associated team is working on identifying so-called handover elements. These can be processes or documentation that are to be transferred from the programme to the line organization in order to create added value there in the long term. 


Promoting user recognition

In addition, considerable communication work is required to convey the importance and added value of the "eAkte" to users and to increase both understanding and appreciation. 

„It is necessary to inform users about current developments, to keep them informed and to set a good example. It is also important to implement good change management. Only by bringing people on board is it comprehensible and possible to take these steps and create acceptance and satisfaction.“

Would you like to find out more about the "Competence Center "eAkte" in der LHM"? Here you can find the slides of the presentation. 


Thomas Schmidbauer, Head of Competence Center "eAkte" in the City of Munich