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Fabasoft egovday 2023 in Berlin

The latest digital trends and technologies for public administration: these are the highlights of the event on the 26th of September 2023.


Created on 18. October 2023

Fabasoft egovday 2023 Berlin

The Fabasoft egovday on the 26th of September 2023 at the Humboldt Carré Berlin was all about innovation. The event was aimed at everyone interested in the digital transformation of public administration and the latest technologies and trends. For the first time, the event took place in a new format as a full-day event to better support the exchange between federal, state and local governments. 

Fabasoft board member Matthias Wodniok opened the event with the presentation of the new eGov-ecosystem. Based on many years of experience with public administration and the established use of the Fabasoft eGov-Suite in numerous public authorities - especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - the vision of a "one shared government reality" has emerged. The eGov-ecosystem realises this vision through the synergies that the Fabasoft eGov-Suite forms together with the complementary solutions "on Fabasoft eGov" and a cloud-native technology as the key to innovation and growth. In his keynote speech, Matthias Wodniok discussed the advantages and the interaction of the solutions with the automation of Done! on Fabasoft eGov, the personnel file Talents on Fabasoft eGov and the contract management Contracts on Fabasoft eGov, as well as the use of online services, thus setting the central focus of Fabasoft egovday 2023.

In the morning, the participants could expect concrete experience reports from ongoing projects as well as information about innovations and features of the Fabasoft eGov-Suite. In the presentation "Successful digital transformation: The decisive role of the Fabasoft eGov-Suite", Stefanie Rytina and Stefan Arnold from Fabasoft presented topics such as encrypted e-mails, digital signatures and search requests. In addition, they went into detail about the signature client and further developments in procedure handling and Mindbreeze search.

Markus Schulmeyer from the ITZBund (Federal Information Technology Centre) informed about the state of affairs for the "E-Akte Bund" measure. He gave an insight into the maturity model as well as the provision and roll-out process. In addition, Mr Schulmeyer explained the insights gained as well as the success factors that the "E-Akte Bund" measure has already achieved both professionally and organisationally as well as technically.

Andreas Koch from the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs presented details of the digital personnel file Talents on Fabasoft eGov, which is used by the state of Bavaria. The audience was given an informative overview of the project approach and objectives, as well as a summary of the benefits for Bavaria from the digitalisation of personnel files. 

Rebecca Lorenz from the ITZBund, Stefanie Huber from the Federal Office of Administration, Andreas Koch from the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs and Matthias Wodniok from Fabasoft rounded off the morning with a panel discussion. The content covered the acceleration of procedures through digitalisation in companies and organisations.

The afternoon offered six break-out sessions with expert input on individual focal points, from concrete project successes to new trends and technologies for the digital transformation of public administration. The focus was on the Fabasoft eGov-ecosystem with presentations on the solutions Done! on Fabasoft eGov, Talents on Fabasoft eGov and Contracts on Fabasoft eGov. In addition, Rebecca Lorenz from the ITZBund presented the "E-Akte Bund" with specialist procedures. Two further sessions revolved around the topics of cloud-native strategy and citizen-oriented services with the help of online services, which Stefan Haubenwallner from the Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria illustrated with practical examples from his authority. The presentations by Fabasoft and the public administration experts showed the synergies offered by the Fabasoft eGov-ecosystem and highlighted the advantages of joint digital public administration work.

Many thanks to all speakers and participants for the successful event. Detailed information on the break-out sessions will be available on the Fabasoft website in the coming weeks.

In the video you will get an exciting insight into the Fabasoft eGovday 2023 in Berlin.