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Successful roll-out of the “E-Akte Bund” at the Federal Office for Social Security

Decisive goal of the digitization strategy achieved: The Federal Office for Social Security rolled out the “E-Akte Bund” across the board in November 2022.


Created on 04. May 2023


The „E-Akte Bund“ comprises the uniform basic service for workflow, document and file management of the federal government based on the Fabasoft eGov-Suite. The Federal Office for Social Security had decided on a step-by-step introduction in their authority. The first pilot phase took place as early as the end of 2021, during which all available functions of the system were provided to the users. The first of three roll-out phases started at the beginning of 2022. The Federal Office for Social Security completed the full-scale roll-out for all 750 employees in November 2022 with great success.

Fabasoft training courses qualify employees

One of the factors contributing to the successful implementation of the “E-Akte Bund” was the wide range of training courses offered by Fabasoft. In addition to intensive training for the project team of the Federal Office for Social Security, basic courses were held for end users. These proprietary training formats with specialized teams of instructors led to a comprehensive qualification of all employees. To improve the dissemination and consolidation of information among users, the additional use of dedicated multipliers within the authorities proved to be effective. Other success factors of the entire project include a revision of the file plan and the short-term inclusion of a scanning process in accordance with “TR-RESISCAN”.

750 employees work with “E-Akte Bund”

The authority now works with a classic „E-Akte Bund“ system based on the federal cloud. The integration of the workflow component makes it easy for employees to collaborate and maps all decision-making processes relevant to the file. The electronic records management thus forms the bundled knowledge repository of the Federal Office for Social Security and creates the essential starting point for the further development of digital transformation in the authority.

The Federal Office for Social Security is responsible for the legal supervision of the federally independent statutory health, pension and accident insurance providers. In addition, the authority has a wide range of tasks in the social insurance system. It administers the health fund and carries out risk structure and financial equalization in social long-term care insurance. With the help of the “E-Akte Bund”, more than 750 employees spread across eight departments, 54 units and two staff units successfully manage these extensive areas of responsibility.