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Successful digital transformation with design thinking


Created on 28. January 2019

Digitale Transformation

We, the Fabasoft Switzerland Team, are pleased to open the door to a revolutionary method for solving complex problems with our new consulting services: Design Thinking!


Our focus is on YOU

For us, you - our customers - are always at the centre of our attention. We always try to create effective, positive and customer-oriented communication and to better understand your wishes and needs. The collaboration between you and our team of consultants encourages creativity guided by critical and analytical thinking. Following the Design Thinking approach, all possible ways of defining and solving the problem are analysed. For us it is very important that all actors in this consultation process understand exactly what is being done and how it is evolving: therefore, each idea or solution must be designed, constructed or sketched in a way everyone can visualize it.


With Design Thinking to the right solution

Specializing in enterprise software and providing cloud services for digital document management and electronic management of documents, processes and files, our focus is of course to work with you to develop a problem-solving tool for digitizing the work process. We first examine your work situation using the methodology of Design Thinking. We define what bothers you and what improvements are possible. After visualizing your obstacles, we will work with you to develop new applications and software solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.


We do not set any thematic boundaries and are open to analysing and resolving any problem you are facing, because we trust in our strength of interdisciplinarity, which allows us to look at different areas from different perspectives and to go new ways to find the truth.


We are looking forward to a great cooperation!


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