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Rapid digital transformation in the Rosenheim district office

The Fabasoft eGov-Suite Bavaria is tailor-made for the Bavarian state administration and can be used directly in administrative district offices.


Created on 12. April 2023

Stadt Rosenheim

The eGov-Suite Bavaria has been used since 2006 and is a Fabasoft eGov-Suite version specially tailored to the needs of the administration in the Free State of Bavaria. About 57,000 Bavarian users use the software solution on a daily basis. In less than twelve months, Fabasoft implemented the Fabasoft eGov-Suite Bavaria in the Rosenheim district office. This shows how well the eGov-Suite Bavaria is adapted to the needs of government employees, regardless of whether they are employed in a ministry, a district office or a municipality.

In early 2022, Fabasoft set up a test system for the district office and adapted it to the district office's needs in an iterative and agile manner. This involved adaptations such as the fine-tuning of role authorizations or the connection to the public transport software GEVAS PUBLIQ. The initial feedback from software users was positive. Since the working methods and processes of the Bavarian state administration and the district offices are very similar, the eGov-Suite Bavaria quickly fitted into the daily work routine of the employees of the Rosenheim district office. The area-wide roll-out has already begun and is progressing rapidly.


Exploiting further potential

The Free State of Bavaria currently manages around 35,000 of its 57,000 users in just two domains. One domain contains the Bavarian State Chancellery and nine Bavarian State Ministries including their subordinate authorities. The second domain comprises the Bavarian judiciary and the intermediate judicial administrative authorities. Both domains are operated by the IT Service Center of the Free State of Bavaria. Jürgen Meister, project manager at Fabasoft, sees great potential for district offices as well,


"If several Bavarian district offices team up and operate one eGov installation in a shared data center, they massively optimize their use of resources and their costs. Some Bavarian ministries are already doing this."


Similar projects exist in other German states and in Austria. In Germany, for example, the Niederrhein data center in North Rhine-Westphalia manages numerous eGov-Suite installations of surrounding municipalities. In Austria, all municipalities in Vorarlberg and the Vorarlberg state administration are using the synergy effects from collaborating in a customer adapted eGov-Suite solution.